• The Elephant In The Mobile Advertising Room
    Regular readers of this column will know that I have repeatedly complained about the annoyance of ads, which I have pointed out can be particularly bad for publishers. Based on some recent findings, I have come to realize that this annoyance is a particularly acute problem for mobile advertising.
  • Annoying Ads Will Be The Death Of Publishers
    The recent explosion in conversations about ad blockers shows that the public's discontent with digital advertising is a major problem. Interestingly, most of the comments I have been reading about ad blockers focus on their impact on consumers and on the advertisers. But what about publishers? Some have pointed out that ad blocking is bad for publishers because it can cut one of their major revenue sources. Others have complained that the publishers' focus on revenue is at the root of this problem, because in their desperation to generate advertising money, they are pummeling readers with unwanted, intrusive, distracting ads. …
  • Why Does Randall Rothenberg Still Have a Job?
    If the rate of people who stopped eating corn tripled over a two-year period, would the head of the National Corn Growers Industry still have a job? If 41% of Millennials decided to stop drinking coffee, would the president of the National Coffee Association be under any pressure? The answers to these questions are obvious. So why, when consumers are blocking the serving of ads at these alarming rates, is the head of the Interactive Advertising Bureau still employed?
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