• A Primer For Selling Online Engagement
    Since I have been writing for MediaPost, I have focused most of my columns on various facets of engagement, hoping to contribute to the industry dialogue on this topic, by suggesting ways that we can think about engagement in a way that enables advertisers and digital sellers to buy and sell more effectively. And so I thought it would be a good idea to offer a primer (disclosure: ex-college & high school teacher on the loose) that pulled together some of the central ideas I have been writing about here for the past 15 months or so.
  • What Is 'Better'?
    As marketers, we are continually working to position our product or service as something "better": better than it was before, better than our competitor, something that will provide a better quality of life. How each of us defines better, however, depends on the context and the audience. There are many different paths, apparently, to Internet advertising nirvana. How do we find the greener grass in this digital pasture? Let's look at a handful of ideas that have generated recent headlines.
  • Eight Things I Hate About You
    We lived fast and loose the last few years. As executives, we sometimes spent money too carelessly, as salespeople we sometimes oversold, and as publishers we failed to innovate our product and help advertisers measure success nearly as much as we should have.
  • Team Publishing: Stop Whining
    Full disclosure: I am tired of hearing publishers whine about the declining value of the online display advertising they sell. They did this to themselves. Can you name any other medium that forces consumers to view more than one advertiser at the same exact time the way online publishers do?
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