• BPA Grants Needed Leeway On Circulation Audits Amid Coronavirus
    Readers who work from home may be harder for publishers -- especially B2B media outlets -- to reach with direct-marketing efforts aimed at renewals and new subscriptions.
  • Publishers Suspend Paywalls For Public Good Amid Coronavirus Scare
    Publishers are helping people find more reliable information about the deadly virus amid the bombardment of falsehoods.
  • Highsnobiety's Revamped Print Title Targets Instagram Audience
    This month, the media company introduced the first edition of a series of quarterly print magazines.
  • 'Philadelphia Inquirer' Redesigns Print Edition To Highlight Op-Eds
    We live in the Age of Misinformation, propagated by social media and search engines. People don't know what to believe anymore.
  • Cleveland Won't Become 'News Desert' After Newspaper Job Cuts
    As the Cleveland newspaper struggles with declining print subscriptions and revenue, 22 staffers were let go.
  • News Filter Bubbles Isolate One-Fifth Of Audiences
    This year's presidential election has brought renewed scrutiny of how people's political views affect their news consumption.
  • Try Not To Dwell Too Much On Publishing's Golden Age
    The industry is going through a painful transition that's unforgiving to publishers that don't adapt to the changing media market.
  • Will Trump Lawsuits Have Chilling Effect On Publishers?
    A libel defense can be a significant distraction for any newspaper. It can also dissuade publishers from their mission: scrutinizing the actions of public officials.
  • Bloomberg's Collapsing Presidential Campaign Started With A Tweet
    A tweet by Benjamin Dixon, a self-described progressive, about Mayor Bloomberg's stop-and-frisk policy, went viral. And it helped change Bloomberg's image.
  • Why The Success Of 'The New York Times' Is Good News For Journalism
    'The New York Times' it's helping to train a generation of readers to pay for their news instead of enjoying the internet free-for-all of the past 25 years.
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