• Newspapers Will Need To Bring Back Their Newsrooms
    Newspapers can operate virtual newsrooms, but they lose the chance for richer conversations among staffers.
  • How Newspapers Can Profit With Cuts To Print Days
    Printing issues three to five days a week has the best chance of generating an operating profit, according to a financial model.
  • Facebook's Crackdown On Disguised News Has Pitfalls
    One of the more miserable side effects of the loss of local newspapers is the rush to fill the void with partisan websites that pose as local publications.
  • Jimmy Lai's Arrest Speaks Louder Than Empty Rhetoric About Press Freedom
    Hong Kong police arrested the media tycoon who publishes the popular 'Apple Daily' tabloid. He is one of the most outspoken critics of the Chinese Communist Party.
  • California's Gig-Worker Law Threatens Local Newspapers
    When the exemption expires, newspapers in California may see an 85% jump in newspaper delivery costs - which will threaten the viability of newspapers.
  • 'Wall Street Journal' Sees 23% Spike in Digital-Only Subs, Dow Jones Becomes Separate Segment
    Dow Jones reported a 13% increase in segment EBITDA, despite it being a difficult time for media companies.
  • How News Websites Can Reverse Slump In Reader Satisfaction
    The dissatisfaction with online news is widespread, regardless of the political leanings of audiences.
  • How To Learn To Stop Worrying And Love The Cookie-Less Future
    Contextual ad placements are more meaningful than ads served to people based on their demographic characteristics.
  • Readers Show Greater Interest In Local News, Opening Path To Higher Revenue
    The percentage of people who said they followed local news "very closely" grew to 31% early this year from 25% in 2017.
  • Consumers Of Print Media Tend To Be Best Informed About News
    One of the more worrisome findings in the Pew report is how susceptible social-media users are to fake news claims.
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