• ViacomCBS' Sale Of CNET Can Unlock Site's Value
    CNET gives Red Ventures a stronger foothold in the consumer technology industry .
  • USA Today's Susan Page Unfairly Criticized For 'Girls Night' With GOP Operative
    Seema Verma allegedly spent $3.5 million of taxpayers money on Republican PR consultants, including a bill for a party in her honor, hosted by a 'USA Today' reporter.
  • California Newspapers Near One-Year Reprieve On Gig-Worker Restrictions
    The bill gives local newspapers another year to comply with Assembly Bill 5, a sweeping law that classifies workers as full-time employees instead of contractors, based on several criteria.
  • Decency Law Reforms Inadequate To Get Publishers To Pay For Content
    Critics question whether Section 230 offers too much protection to companies like Facebook and Google, which control how content is distributed online.
  • Taboola's Nixed Merger With Outbrain Highlights Pandemic Disruptions
    The broken deal is another sign of how the economic consequences of the pandemic have disrupted the digital ad market.
  • Apple Unveils 'Offer Codes' For In-App Subscriptions, But Will Publishers Use Them?
    The codes are a sequence of digits that readers use to unlock offers, such as discounted prices on app subscriptions or free access to an app for limited period.
  • Fake News Gets Harder To Detect On Facebook
    Facebook revealed Russian internet trolls had recruited American journalists to pen biased stories for a fake news site during the 2016 election.
  • BuzzFeed's Plan To Restore Worker Pay Is A Good Sign
    'BuzzFeed' will restore full salaries on Sept. 16 and end the workshare arrangement at 'BuzzFeed News.'
  • Apple's Expanded Promotions For Digital Newsstand Is Welcome
    The radio spot touted several features of Apple News+, including a service that streams audio versions of magazine and newspaper stories read by professional voice actors.
  • GQ Store Is Worthwhile Test Of Content, Commerce
    While the GQ Store's product selection is limited, there are indications the magazine can boost revenue from merchandising.
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