• In an Attempt To Convert Audience, 'BuzzFeed' Introduces Bot Jojo To Podcast
    According to Nieman Journalism Lab, in an attempt to convert podcast listeners into readers, BuzzFeed has introduced a bot named Jojo to its new weekly news podcast "The News."
  • Gizmodo Media Group Asks Court For Protection From Peter Thiel-Backed Lawsuits
    The lawyer representing both plaintiffs is Charles Harder, who represented Hulk Hogan in the case that brought down 'Gawker' in 2016.
  • Medium Ends Membership Programs With 21 Publishers
    Medium just made things even more difficult for a struggling digital publishing industry. After notifying its remaining publisher partners -- 21 that were still active -- last month that it was discontinuing its membership programs, Medium officially pulled the plug.
  • Publishers Find Presumed Ally In Apple News
    Publishers are seeing surprising amounts of traffic coming from stories featured in the revamped Apple News app. Some examples include 'Vice,' which saw traffic from Apple News more than double over the last year. Vox also reports a significant jump in traffic.
  • New Magazine/Social-Media Report Reveals Importance Of Platform Engagement
    Magazine Media 360 latest social-media report includes a new metric that measures audience engagement. It notes the enduring power Facebook possesses in the publishing sphere and audience engagement with brands.
  • New Data Collection Tools Spring From Impending GDPR
    Four trade groups representing major publishers took on Google and its data policies as GDPR approaches.
  • Warren Buffet Predicts Only 3 Newspapers Will Sustain Print Editions
    Financial seer Warren Buffet believes only three papers have the digital power to sustain their print products: 'The Washington Post,' 'The Wall Street Journal' and 'The New York Times.'
  • Tech Giants Corner News Distribution Market With New, Revamped Services
    Google is revamping Google News, while incorporated elements of its Newsstand app and YouTube. In addition, Apple is expected to use newly acquired Texture to revamp Apple News.
  • 'Gothamist' Returns With Help From Kickstarter Campaign
    To aid in its relaunch, Gothamist introduced a Kickstarter campaign called Bring Back Gothamist, with a goal of reaching $100,000. As of two days ago, the campaign had raised nearly double that amount, at $175,809.
  • Zuckerberg: Facebook Will Not Pay Publishers
    Facebook proposed users vote on which news outlets are the most trusted, then, the platform will deliver such news. That allows Facebook to double down on its degradation of the news and pass the buck to users, rather than champion trusted, quality sources.
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