• Conde Nast Rent Dispute Highlights NYC Office Dilemma
    Advance Magazine Publishers Inc. refused to pay $2.4 million for January after asking for a reduction in rent and square footage, according to a Feb. 3 bond document.
  • How Publishers Can Improve Subscriber Retention With Data Insights
    The retention strategy varies by fours types of subscribers, with the most loyal showing an interest in a specific kind of content or their local community.
  • Top-Line Growth Emerges As Key Priority For Digital UK Publishers
    The survey findings are a sign of cautious optimism about a recovery in media spending, as well as relevant to the U.S. market.
  • 'Washington Post' Ups Tech Coverage, Hires More Reporters
    There is a real need for journalism that can explain the industry to a general audience.
  • Digital Subscriptions Critical To Bottom Line Of News Publishers
    Whether publishers generate revenue from subscriptions or advertising, they must optimize their business models for digital growth.
  • How Strong Is Smartmatic's Libel Case Against Fox News?
    Smartmatic claims Fox ran segments that had numerous errors about the reliability of its vote machines - and that the news organization knew the statements weren't factual.
  • Battle Lines Harden Over Australia's Proposed Media Code
    Australia is weighing whether to go ahead with a plan to require tech companies to pay publishers for their journalism.
  • Nextdoor May Be Latest Social-Media Threat To Local News
    Nextdoor is becoming a forum for discussion about local issues and a potential force in local politics.
  • How Strong Is A Local Publisher's Antitrust Suit Against Google, Facebook?
    HD Media's lawsuit outcome is potentially consequential for every publisher with a grievance against the two companies, which control about 60% of the U.S. digital ad market.
  • 'Boston Globe' Offers 'Fresh Start,' Well Intended Antidote To Digital Shaming
    The motive is to address the lasting consequences some people suffer when their past embarrassments or minor crimes are preserved online.
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