• 'Outside' Slims Homepage For Faster Download, Better Ad Experience
    Some media brands, like Outside, are finding ways to trim websites and see better user engagement as a result.
  • Study: Conde Nast Has More Influence on Consumers Than Google or Facebook
    Consumers spend a bulk of their time in the influence or pre-search phase. Essentially, customers know what they want before they seek it out, creating an opportune situation for trusted brands with loyal followers.
  • NYT's 'Modern Love' Column To Become Amazon Series
    "Modern Love" has long been one of the newspaper's most popular columns in print and digital, since its launch in 2004. The series will consist of eight standalone episodes, exploring "love in its multitude of forms, including sexual, romantic, familial, platonic and self-love."
  • PRINT Act Introduced By House Of Reps To Protect Publishers From Tariffs
    The PRINT Act study is meant to directly explore the types of damage the tariffs cause to local news coverage, including reduced employment or harm to local businesses that advertise in their respective papers. According to the News Media Alliance, the tariffs are as high as 32% in some cases and threaten the jobs of 600,000 U.S. workers.
  • Pro-Truth Pledge Hopes To Derail Fake News
    The Pro-Truth Pledge was created by social scientists and other concerned individuals who believe they can apply behavioral science to a critical goal: stopping fake news. So far, nearly 7,500 signers, 72 organizations, 462 government officials and 724 public figures have taken the pledge.
  • Conde Nast Uses Data Strategically To Up Advertisers' Engagement With Users
    The company is building capabilities, both organically and through acquisitions, to revolutionize the way it provides marketing solutions.
  • National Public Media: Voice Activation Is The Future Of Podcasting
    Podcasts have become a ubiquitous, if not essential, way for publishers to expand their brand and revenue streams. Now brands can integrate advertising and partnerships into their podcast content.
  • 'National Geographic' Helps Enhance Brands' Digital Reach
    National Geographic's brand strategy is built to support its entire network of content. It has turned out successful content for nationally recognizable companies, including Nike, Stella and Microsoft.
  • New Round Of Publishers Join Concert To Challenge Duopoly
    Vox Media formed the digital advertising marketplace Concert to allow publishers to team up and potentially take some of the power away from Facebook and Google. Last week, New York Media, PopSugar and 'Rolling Stone' become members of Concert.
  • 'New York' 50th Anniversary Series Focuses On Birth Of Programmatic Advertising
    The story, while offering a rich history of the players involved in the early formation of companies like Right Media and Double Click, also contextualizes their rise and fall.
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