• Conde Nast's Chief Data Officer Wants To Transform Company Into Leading Data-Driven Publisher
    Conde Nast is working to give customers not only the ability to execute marketing campaigns, but also the tools to help them understand and manage their customers better.
  • AI Poses New Challenges to Spotting Fake News
    Americans must not only worry about fake news articles, but also hyper-realistic videos, in which anyone can be made to say anything through the fast-developing technology.
  • Elle.com Launches 'Fired-Up,' Explores Women's Rage, Political Action Nationwide
    The 2016 election sparked a groundswell of action from women in the United States. Nearly a year and a half later, activism remains energized.
  • Meredith Corp. Teases Sale of 'Time'
    This isn't the first time the subject of Time Inc.'s namesake title being sold has come up, but it may be the first time specific actions have been discussed so openly. Reportedly, Meredith Corp. is exploring the possibility of a sale, or changing the frequency of the publication: for example, 'Time' becoming a biweekly or monthly title.
  • House Dems Empowers Press To Take on Tech Giants
    Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) introduced the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act, a temporary antitrust waiver intended to allow the news industry to negotiate with tech giants as one united group.
  • BuzzFeed News's 'AM To DM' Harnesses Power Of Social Media
    'BuzzFeed' had produced other live streams before launching "AM to DM," its popular morning news show on Twitter hosted by Saeed Jones and Adam Fitzgerald, including strikes and rallies across the country. The site wanted to build on that momentum to create a regular live show.
  • Quartz Launches 'How We'll Win' Newsletter On International Women's Day
    Reporter Leah Fessler will pen the monthly newsletter, which will include an essay centered on the manifestation of sexism at work, a well-curated list of feminist texts and media and a question for the community of "How We'll Win."
  • The Athletic Raises $20M To Expand Sports Subscription Service
    The rounds of funding are allowing 'The Athletic' to set up a structure that is highly experimental. However, the site's subscribers are already in the six figures. Subscriptions cost $8 a month or $48 a year.
  • Following 'Little Things' Collapse, Intermarkets' Ambrose Talks Strategy For Publishers
    Publishers should continue to prioritize user experience. From content to site design, they should always be working toward the best possible digital experience for the target audience.
  • Association of Magazine Media Opposes Postal Rate Spike
    The postal threat pits two troubled groups against each other: a hemorrhaging postal service that's lost immense amounts of revenue in the digital age, and industries that still rely on paper communications and products to be delivered in an affordable manner.
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