Time Inc., Google Launch Native Video Ad Unit

Time Inc. is doubling down on native video advertising with some help from Google.

The publisher and technology giant are joining forces to launch a new proprietary video advertising unit, Adapt Video, to meet growing demand for digital video advertising integrated with video or text content, the publisher announced Thursday.

Adapt Video incorporates the native ad tools created for Google’s DoubleClick ad platform and allows advertisers to deliver “outstream” video ads on Time Inc.’s sites. Outstream video ads can be incorporated into articles and typically play automatically, without sound, when the reader reaches a certain point in the text, for example between paragraphs.

As its name suggests, Adapt Video automatically adjusts the video format to match a wide range of content layouts and devices, delivering high visibility and user engagement. It is compatible with standard video ad tags for ad serving, enabling advertisers to create and execute campaigns at scale with its automated tools.



According to DoubleClick, Time Inc.’s introduction of the Adapt Video ad format has already increased the supply of video ad inventory on its owned and operated properties fivefold, while multiplying outstream video starts fourfold.

Adapt allows advertisers to use the same creative they have in pre-roll ads, making it easier to repurpose and boosting advertiser demand. The ads don’t start playing until at least half the pixels are in view for the user.

While Adapt aims to bring native video ads to text content, Time Inc. is also working to increase its own editorial video offerings.

In September, the publisher revealed plans to begin producing content for Facebook’s Watch Platform, beginning with a show called “Homemade vs. The Internet,” in which chef Robin Bashinsky and millennial food writer Sara Tane create dishes based off viral food videos. It is published by Time Inc.’s brand MyRecipes, under the specific vertical Well Done, which Time Inc. launched in March to produce videos specifically designed for social platforms.

Overall, Time Inc. plans to produce about 40 hours of TV programming this year to be licensed to 12 broadcast, cable and digital networks, up from five hours of programming in 2014.

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  1. Henry Blaufox from Dragon360, October 13, 2017 at 9:33 a.m.

    It would seem publishers like Time have a quandary if they rely on Google to provide technology for new ad revenue streams, while also complaining Google has too big a share of advertising, coming at their expense.

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