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  • Facebook Previews New Rules For Publishers On Audience Network  in Publishers Daily on 06/23/2017

    Facebook says it wants to help publishers achieve more regular, predictable monetization via its Audience Network. o do that, starting in November, publishers will have to conform with some new rules, which require publishers that wish to continue participating in the Audience Network to cache ads for 60 minutes or less.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Digital News Daily on 06/23/2017

    On Thursday (6/22), the NBA published a YouTube video showing the Los Angeles Lakers selecting UCLA guard Lonzo Ball during the 2017 NBA Draft. The video tracked 541K views within 24 hours, contributing to the sports league's 47% increase in digital engagements and jump to the #4 spot of the leaderboard on Thursday.

  • 'WSJ' Fires Senior Correspondent Solomon Over Dealings With Source in Publishing Insider on 06/23/2017

    Jay Solomon, a veteran national security reporter for WSJ, was fired following revelations that he was either involved, or on his way to being involved, in behind-the-scenes deals with one of his contacts. Farhad Azima, a military-aviation mogul and arms dealer, is now under investigation in connection with a global corruption case.

  • Apple News Gives Publishers (A Bit) More Demographic Data in Publishers Daily on 06/22/2017

    Apple has revealed it will begin making information about the gender and age of readers available to publishers, at the channel and article level, via its News Publisher Analytics dashboard. The data is accessible via a new "Apple News Format Demographic Metrics" feature on the dashboard.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Digital News Daily on 06/22/2017

    On Wednesday (6/21), HBO uploaded a trailer for Game of Thrones Season 7 to it's official YouTube channel, using the hashtag #WinterIsHere. The trailer accumulated 7.6M views within 24 hours, helping the cable network jump to the #2 spot of the leaderboard with a 2894% increase in digital engagements.

  • Rodale Puts Itself Up For Sale in Publishers Daily on 06/21/2017

    One of the world's biggest health and wellness media companies has vaulted spryly onto the auction block. On Wednesday Rodale, Inc. -- publisher of "Men's Health," "Women's Health," "Prevention" and "Runner's World," among other titles -- announced that it is considering "strategic alternatives" for the company, including a potential sale.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Digital News Daily on 06/21/2017

    On Monday (6/19), Coca-Cola published a new video to its official YouTube channel titled, "Ojos Cerrados" or "Eyes Closed" as translated from Spanish to English. Between Monday and Tuesday, the video generated about 1M views, pushing Coca-Cola to the #7 spot of the leaderboard with 126% increase in digital engagements.

  • Canadian News Orgs Hope For Government Bailout in Publishing Insider on 06/22/2017

    The U.S. and Canada seem alike -- until something happens that highlights the yawning chasm between the two countries. For example, when Canadian news publishers can seriously propose that the federal government should create a fund to help beleaguered news publishers make the rocky transition from print to digital media.

  • 'Guardian' US Gets Vivisected By 'Buzzfeed' in Around the Net In Publishing on 06/21/2017

    The ambitions of the Guardian, a venerable left-leaning British newspaper, to go global by conquering the U.S. news market have not panned out. That's the understated version of a brutal long-form piece from Buzzfeed detailing a combination of over-optimism, missteps, and complacency on the part of the newspaper's leadership, both in the U.S. and UK.

  • Reuters Launches Custom Content Studio, Reuters Plus in Publishers Daily on 06/20/2017

    Reuters Plus formalizes the news agencies' existing capabilities, which it developed serving clients on a case-by-case basis over the last few years. The move to formalize Reuters' branded content services was prompted, in part, by the continuing controversy over fake news.

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