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  • Bannon Returns To Breitbart, Revenge To Be Served Hot in Publishing Insider on 08/22/2017

    Rght-wing rabble-rouser and erstwhile senior White House strategist Steve Bannon has returned to his roost atop Breitbart News. The move ensures the supply of online vitriol and borderline incitement won't run out any time soon.

  • Cover Story: 'New Yorker,' 'Economist' Break Out Klan Robes For Trump in Publishing Insider on 08/21/2017

    While many American politicians have been accused of pandering to white supremacists, few have done it so overtly, or successfully, as President Donald Trump.

  • Bannon Calls 'American Prospect' Editor, Sets His Agenda  in Publishing Insider on 08/18/2017

    Steve "The Gaslighter" Bannon, perhaps with cigar and glass of bourbon in hand, decided to call American Prospect cofounder and coeditor Robert Kuttner, supposedly to talk about China policy. But in reality, to undermine his boss and issue a series of threats to defenestrate rival members of the Hobbesian madhouse that is the Trump White House.

  • Grindr Launches 'Into,' LGBTQ Lifestyle Pub in Publishers Daily on 08/18/2017

    Gay hookup app Grindr is leaping into the Speedo-filled pool of gay lifestyle publishing with the official launch of Into, a new digital magazine targeting LGBTQ millennial audiences. Short and long-form content spans in-depth cultural reporting, style advice, art photography, investigative journalism and interviews.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Digital News Daily on 08/16/2017

    On Tuesday (8/15), Sprite uploaded a YouTube video as part of the company's "PiPa Offer, 2017," featuring tennis players drinking Limca, Sprite and Fanta soda. The video garnered 8M views within 24 hours, helping the beverage company land at the #1 spot of the leaderboard with a 2013% increase in digital engagements.

  • Newspapers Highlight Role With Blank Pages in Publishing Insider on 08/17/2017

    More than 200 local newspapers in Minnesota and North Dakota employed the same eye-catching tactic to highlight the importance of newspapers to their local communities.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Digital News Daily on 08/15/2017

    An Instagram post shared by GoPro as part of the company's "Photo of the Day" series, which features images captured by members of the "GoPro Family," helped the tech company climb to the #10 spot of the leaderboard on Monday. The post, showing South Tyrol in northern Italy, garnered 287K content responses in under 24 hours.

  • Social Media Users ID White Supremacist Marchers in Social Media Insider on 08/16/2017

    After a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville turned violent last weekend, social-media users have been going through images of the event with a fine-tuned comb, "outing" participants to the Internet at large.

  • GoDaddy, Google Boot 'Daily Stormer' in Publishing Insider on 08/16/2017

    Attention is now turning to standalone Web sites on the Internet - including pages that publish incitements to violence. That's putting pressure on domain and Web services companies to deprive extremists of their virtual soapboxes.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Digital News Daily on 08/14/2017

    Victoria's Secret tracked 1.6M digital engagements on Sunday (8/13), ranking as the #7 brand on the leaderboard. Instagram drove 77% of the content interactions for the brand, with its most recent Instagram image of model Josephine Skriver garnering 468K content responses within 24 hours.

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