• Majority Of Folks Want Brands To Use Social To Bring People Together
    That finding -- included in a new report from Sprout Social -- suggests that consumers are looking to brands to rise above the current state of cultural discourse.
  • Facebook's Controversies Have Alienated Some Advertisers
    For Facebook, additional threats could come from new engagement platforms like Fortnite and Twitch, which bring consumers together in ways that Facebook doesn't.
  • Social-Media Influencers Prove Critical To Campaign Success
    A WARC review found that nearly every campaign entered into the international competition included a social element, while 71% of the winners were heavily invested in social.
  • Facebook's Petition Feature Comes Under Fire
    Like Facebook Groups, Community Actions is also designed as a platform for likeminded folks to mull over their causes and hash out differences, as well as create events and fundraisers.
  • Facebook Campaign Nets Big Returns For 'Bird Box'
    Sandra Bullock's star power and a weakness for apocalyptic thrillers contributed to more than 45 Netflix subscribers streaming the movie. So did some social media sorcery.
  • Lady Gaga Tops Social Media For Golden Globes
    The Star Is Born actress racked up more than 253,000 mentions across social-media channels, per Talkwalker.
  • Facebook Faces New Accusations Of Data, Privacy Breaches
    A privacy organization found some popular apps routinely send Facebook data the organization describes as "incredibly detailed" and "sometimes sensitive."
  • News, Tech, Social Media Endured Tumultuous 2018
    2018 will be remembered as the year that tech had to confront the power and responsibility of the platforms it created.
  • Facebook Responds To Civil-Rights Audit
    Regarding the roughly 90 civil-rights organizations that contributed to the audit, Facebook's Chief Operating Office Sheryl Sandberg said she is "grateful for their candor and guidance."
  • Google+ Lives! But Not For Long
    Yes, Google's ill-fated social network -- which many probably thought was gone -- was just given an official expiration date of April 2019. That's actually sooner than the August kill date Google announced earlier this year.
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