• Consumers Say Social Is Preferred Customer Service Channel
    But a report from Sprout Social finds customer service is relatively low on brands' priorities lists when it comes to social media.
  • New Book On Zuck & Co. To Cluck Over
    From "NYT" review: "An Ugly Truth" "provides the kind of satisfaction you might get if you hired a private investigator to track a cheating spouse."
  • Texas Governor Pushes Unconstitutional Crackdown On Social Media
    A proposed Texas social media bill would prohibit large platforms from blocking, banning or demonetizing users based on their political opinions.
  • People Spend Nearly 2 1/2 Hours Daily On Social Media
    We Are Social and Hootsuite's report outlines the expanded use of social media, with 45% of users aged 16 to 64 searching for brand information.
  • Following Critical Analyst Report, Clubhouse Media Group Claims 'Tremendous' Milestone Reach
    Publicly traded influencer marketing and media firm says it has surpassed 300 million total followers in aggregate global social media reach.
  • Social Media Can Make Us Crazy -- But Is It Cause Or Effect?
    Are people using more social media because they are lonely? Or do they get lonelier and more anxious when they see curated bios of others?
  • Florida's Ban On 'Deplatforming' Faces Broad Opposition
    Digital rights advocates and tech companies don't always agree with each other, but Florida's clearly unconstitutional social media law managed to unite them.
  • Best Times To Post On Social Media For Consumer Engagement
    Across the board, those seeking social media engagement with consumers needn't bother to post on the weekends.
  • Cities Use Social Media Program To Counter Vaccine Mistrust
    Officials launched an outreach campaign by partnering with micro- and nano-influencers to broadcast public health information about the vaccines.
  • Social Media Platforms Open The Kimono On Content Violations
    Naughty Instagram: In 2020, the social media platform showed an 86% increase from 2019 in removals of "adult nudity and sexual content."
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