• Video Ads Prove Revenue Generators, Brand Builder For Social Media Platforms
    In this country, YouTube now derives 73% of its ad revenues from video, while Facebook dominance in the category continues.
  • Facebook Ups Protections Against Bullies, Harassers
    Some 59% of teens say they have been the target of online bullies, while 63% say it is a major problem for people their age. Facebook is rolling out new tools to give users more control over how people interact with posts.
  • Analysts Critique Impact Of Instagram Founders Departure
    Some industry watchers are taking the news in stride. Others expect Facebook shares to react, since the company has already been under fire.
  • Instagram Ups Ecommerce, Adds Shopping Channel In Stories, Explore
    Instagram's ecommerce features have been embraced by its community. Every month, more than 90 million users now tap to reveal tags in shopping posts.
  • Nielsen To Track TV Experiences On Social Media Accounts
    Nielsen is stepping up its social skills, and offering additional insights into the performance of content posted by accounts officially associated with TV programming.
  • Millennials Deleting Facebook App From Phones
    Over the past year, a staggering 44% of younger users -- ages 18 to 29 -- say they deleted Facebook's app from their phones, according to new findings from Pew Research Center.
  • Tumblr Redoubles Efforts To Curb Hate Speech
    Like Facebook, Twitter and others, the platform wants to promote free speech and creative expression, but not at the expense of people's physical and emotional safety.
  • Facebook Denies 'Trustworthiness' Scores
    As part of a larger effort to clean up its content, Facebook admits that it is taking measures to determine whether users are accurately reporting fake news.
  • Can Interactive Video Right Facebook's Ship?
    With billions of dollars at stake, Facebook is betting its long-term success on content that consumers find more meaningful and engaging.
  • Facebook Enters Financial Services Biz, But Not Without Controversy
    Facebook is getting involved with financial services, but claims a 'Wall Street Journal' headline and article misrepresents its service to users.
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