• Facebook Failing to Appease Some Policymakers
    Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, said this week that Facebook's vision for its own regulation is insufficient. Meanwhile, billionaire liberal activist/philanthropist George Soros is calling for Mark Zuckerberg to be removed as Facebook CEO.
  • Number Of Brand-Backed Social Influencers Balloons
    Not surprisingly, a clear majority of influencers continue to identify Instagram as their go-to social platform.
  • Super Bowl LIV More Social Than Ever
    Nielsen estimates that Super Bowl LIV was the most social TV telecast over the past year.
  • Facebook Trying To Regain User Trust With New Tool
    "Off-Facebook Activity" is designed to help users control how the social giant tracks their activity around the broader Web.
  • Facebook Aims To Pacify Overseas Critics
    The tech giant just committed to hiring 1,000 new workers in London this year.
  • How Social Apps Held Their Ground In 2019
    Continued success of social and communications apps is due to their dual role as entertainment services, according to new study.
  • No Big Surprise: Social Media More Important To Younger Users
    In recent study, (49.3%) of U.S. boomers are forecast as social media users, compared to 77.5% of Gen-Zers and 90.4% of millennials.
  • Family-Friendly Content Dominates Facebook's Most-Viewed Videos
    In 2019, the friendliest platform for brands appeared to be Twitter, judging by its Top 10 most-viewed video list.
  • Instagram Stories Ad Spend Grows 70%, Topping Facebook Stories' .3%
    That's according to a third-quarter report. Still, majority of advertising investment (62.3%) goes toward Facebook's main Feed.
  • Amid Gaffes, Twitter Takes Proactive Privacy Position
    The company is launching a Privacy Center that will serve as a hub for all of its privacy- and data protection-related efforts.
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