• Social Media Is A Propaganda Powerhouse
    Social media's real killer app is spreading propaganda, disinformation and fake news, according to a new study from the University of Oxford's Computational Propaganda Research Project.
  • McDonald's Taps Snapchat For Huge Hiring Push
    McDonald's announced it is looking to hire 250,000 people across the United States this summer, with an advertising campaign rivaling any mass-market consumer brand. Where is the Golden Arches looking to find all these new (typically millennial) employees? Snapchat, of course.
  • Most CEOs Still Not Using Social Media
    Most of the country's top CEOs aren't active on social media - they don't even have social-media accounts (dormant or otherwise). That's according to a new survey of Fortune 500 CEOs conducted by CEO.com and Domo. Just 40% of those studied were active on at least one of the big social media platforms in 2016, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • Rating The Authenticity Of Influencers' Followers
    Fohr Card this week announced a rating system that lets brands see how authentic the following of each of its 15,000 influencers actually is on Instagram.
  • Social Media Melds Digital With Tangible
    The more digital our social lives have become, the more many of us seem to crave the tangible, the experiential, the takeaway that doesn't vanish with the swipe of a finger.
  • Gerber Among The 86% Of Marketers Using Influencers
    Gerber relied on influencers recruited by Linqia to launch its Lil' Beanies treats for toddlers. A recent Linqia survey found that 86% of marketers use influencers as part of their content strategy.
  • Taking Your Leads From Artificial Intelligence
    Sysomos' new integrated platform also incorporates artificial intelligence to "uncover correlations, anomalies and associations" -- and that's the aspect I'm going to focus on.
  • Are You Ready For Social VR?
    Linden Lab, which created the created the virtual world Second Life in 2003, is in "invite-only, creator-preview" mode for Sansar, a new VR-based platform that has been described as a "WordPress for social VR."
  • It's All About The Experience
    Eighty-three percent of U.S. consumers say having a positive customer experience with a brand is more important than the product itself, and 71% say they will not come back after one bad incident.
  • An Illuminating Conversation About Conversational Marketing
    Highlights from the "Talk To The Brand: AI, Bots And Conversational Marketing" panel at MediaPost's OMMA SXSW event.
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