• Adaptly's McCrea Touts Metrics To Aid Brand Goals
    Focusing on more tangible metrics like engagement and traffic gives brands more insight into purchase intent and lower-funnel consumer activity. It brings them one step closer to closing the loop and proving ROI on social.
  • Facebook Reaches Maximum Creepiness With Pedophile Query
    Rather than bringing the world closer together, Facebook's motto should be: "Show us more. Tell us more. Let us inside your world, your heart and your head!" Objectively, such rabid intrusiveness should make a person's skin crawl. Which it did this past weekend.
  • Study: Community Tweets Illustrate Negative View Of Press
    By analyzing the subcultures that thrive on social media, some new research is painting a clearer picture of why some really weird stuff has gone down in this country since 2015.
  • 2018 Might Not Be Facebook's Year
    The network now appears to be on the same side of the Russian debate as Donald Trump (!), Snap's fortunes are suddenly looking bright and growth trends are not falling in Facebook's favor.
  • Users Rebel Against Snap's New Interface
    Snapchat's recent redesign is under fire. Among other changes, the new interface divides the app into two sections -- one side for friends' posts, and the other for professional media. To say that people dislike the updated app is an understatement.
  • How Super Bowl Ads Stacked Up On Social Media
    Facebook advertisers are actually seeing the most video views on the Monday after the big game, with a 273.3% higher volume for Super Bowl campaigns compared to non-Super Bowl efforts.
  • Video Ad Options Still Strong On Social Networks
    At least through 2022, video adverting opportunities will abound on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, new research suggests.
  • m/SIX's Chanter Considers How Brands Respond To Facebook's News Feed Changes
    Brands will get better engagement if they have fans looking forward to the next piece of content. The more content you produce, the more engagement data you get back, which you can tailor to users' wants and needs.
  • FTC Influencer Guidelines Keep Business Thriving
    Data collected by the influencer-marketing platform also shows that nearly 90% of the sponsored posts in 2017 received up to 1,000 "likes" per post, which suggests a high level of influence involved in #ad posts.
  • Consumers Want Brands To Be Politically Woke
    When it comes to sensitive social and political issues, silence is not always golden. From civil rights to race relations to immigration, consumers increasingly expect brands to speak up.
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