• Detoxing From Social Media, However Briefly
    When Facebook resumed operations after a six-hour outage, it was an opportunity to examine our fixation and, in some cases, addiction, to the social network.
  • Twitter's Trump Ban Doesn't Violate Free Speech, Digital Rights Group Says
    Shortly after Twitter banned former President Donald Trump, California real estate broker Maria Rutenberg filed a doomed lawsuit against the company, arguing that it violated her free speech rights by depriving her of the ability to retweet and comment on Trump's old posts.
  • Consumers Say Social Is Preferred Customer Service Channel
    But a report from Sprout Social finds customer service is relatively low on brands' priorities lists when it comes to social media.
  • Walmart, Kyra Media Partner On TikTok Home Improvement Channel
    The channel features a TikTok-native interior design content intended to resonate with the Gen Z audience.
  • Ecommerce Comes To TikTok For Budget-Friendly Conversions
    Marketers can sell products directly on TikTok Shopping, which is currently being pilot-tested among a select group of Shopify merchants.
  • Face-Mask Critic Sues Twitter, Facebook, Biden, Surgeon General Over Account Suspensions
    Justin Hart claims in a new lawsuit the government conspired with social media companies to "censor" him for critical posts about masks.
  • Social Media Can Make Us Crazy -- But Is It Cause Or Effect?
    Are people using more social media because they are lonely? Or do they get lonelier and more anxious when they see curated bios of others?
  • Fancy That: Applebee's Ties New Campaign To Viral TikTok Video
    Song in video also happens to mention Applebee's, with the lyrics "fancy like Applebee's on a date night."
  • Study: Outrage On Social Media Can Push Political Moderates To Extremes
    Social media amplifies moral outrage because users who use such language get more "likes" and "shares," says a Yale study.
  • Twitter Suspends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Over COVID-19 Vaccine Post
    The Republican from Georgia was suspended for one week after tweeting that the FDA shouldn't approve the "failing" COVID-19 vaccines.
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