• Some Period-Tracking Apps Shared Sexual, Other Sensitive Info With Facebook
    In response to Privacy International report, Facebook says its terms prohibit apps from sharing sensitive health info with the social platform, it's 'looking' at ways to improve its systems' detection of such info, and it does not use info from other apps to target ads by interests.
  • Is Facebook Moving Away From Approval Tracking?
    Facebook has followed Instagram in testing "like hiding" -- but what's the real motivation, and how far will this go?
  • Facebook 'Threads' App Would Aid Continuous Messaging, But Raise Privacy Concerns
    Threads, reportedly being developed to accompany Instagram, might tie in with Facebook's plans to redefine private, encrypted messaging platforms -- but would consumers be willing to give up even more privacy?
  • Off-Facebook Activity Feature Lets Certain Users Clear Accounts Of Histories
    The tech titan will now let certain users see a summary of the apps and websites that send it information about their activity, as well as clear this information from their accounts.
  • Marketers Can Reach Hispanic Community Best Via Social Media
    The path-to-purchase for Latinx is even more social and "circular" than that of most U.S. consumers, suggests new Nielsen research.
  • Snap To Use $1B Offering For Working Capital, Future Acquisitions
    After a few tough years, Snap appears to have regained its financial footing, while proving its service is more than a fad.
  • Snapchat Launches First Paid Media Campaign For Its Own Brand
    Dubbed "Real Friends," the campaign positions Snapchat as the best social platform for communication and self-expression with users' "real friends."
  • Report: Gen Z, Millennials Unhappy With Social Media's Impact On Their Lives
    Young people are coming to realize their mental wellness and sense of identity is too closely tied to their social-media activity.
  • Facebook Defends Cryptocurrency In Washington, Says U.S. Should Lead Digital Currency Charge
    Libra is being designed as a digitally native currency, which can be used around the world. But Facebook's banking ambitions have inspired fear and loathing from both sides of the political aisle.
  • Twitter To Delete Tweets Deemed To 'Dehumanize' Religious Groups
    Twitter has expanded its rules against 'hateful conduct' to include language that demeans others on the basis of religion.
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