• Ten Things I Dislike About Social Media
    As a follow-up to last week's post, here are ten things I dislike about social media, in no particular order.
  • What A Camp Counselor Can Teach You about Social Media
    One of the hardest jobs I ever had was working as a day camp counselor, spending eight summers straight at Beth El Summer Session in New Rochelle, NY. While it's been a few years since I wore a T-shirt and swimsuit to work every day, seeing all the kids home from camp swarming around Madison Square Park this week brought back a few memories. It also made me realize how relevant a lot of what I learned in that job is to what I'm doing now.
  • Ten Things I Love About Social Media
    As summertime is a period of reflection, in between applications of sunscreen and dips in the pool, thought I'd spend the next two columns pondering the good and the bad of social media, starting with the good part.
  • Killing The Killer Conspiracies
    Cue the movie trailer voice: You thought it was just a social network. Little did you know it would go on a murderous rampage, killing everything in sight. You can run, but you can't hide because Facebook's coming after your friends -- and then it's coming after you. That's the kind of image that comes from a number of news headlines over the past week.
  • Did Twitter Just Get Thrown Under a Bus?
    And we thought that Facebook loading up its stream of status updates a few months ago was a sign of its desire to go head-to-head with Twitter. Little did we know. In this week's edition of my Social Media Insider column, we'll dissect the myriad headlines that Facebook has been pumping out over the last few days, and how they relate to Twitter.
  • The Social Graph Ad Targeting Buyer's Guide
    If you're an advertiser or you represent one, you may have tried targeting consumers based on when they were born and their chromosomal makeup (demographic), where they live or happen to be at the moment (geographic), what they're viewing on a Web page (contextual), what other Web sites they've visited (behavioral), or what keywords they're entering in a query box (search engine marketing). Yet now it's possible to target consumers based on their associations with each other.
  • The Social Media Insider Presents: This Week in Twitter Censorship, Starring ESPN, the NFL and the United States Marines
    It's been quite a week in the wonderful world of TwitterCensorship and it's only Wednesday.
  • CPSA: The New Pricing Model For Social Media?
    What's the best way to price social media advertising or marketing programs? That's one of those questions that screams for the ever-honest "it depends" answer. Maybe that's because we need a new pricing model. Let's first take a look at some current options and review their strengths and weaknesses in this context,
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