• The Day The 'Mad Men' Stood Still
    Those of you who read my other blog, or follow me on Twitter, probably know that I've become a bit obsessed in these waning days of August with the appearance of more and more characters from "Mad Men" on Twitter, acting completely in character, save for the salient fact that the service didn't exist in the early 1960s....
  • Of Michael Phelps, Facebook Fans, And Q Scores
    Please indulge this column full of Olympic-themed late-summer frivolity, but just can't quite get out of my head that Michael Phelps has more than a million Facebook fans. I was reading this on Mashable yesterday, and it made me wonder anew about what that really means in the context of eight gold medals, a gazillion world records, and a whole bunch of pending endorsement deals.
  • MOG Aggregates Music Passionistas
    Had reason yesterday to touch base with an old friend from the days before there was social media, or at least the days when no one called it that. His name is David Hyman, and he used to sell ads on the music site Addicted to Noise, back when people thought banner ads were cool. Oh, and dinosaurs roamed the earth then, too.
  • In a World of Shared Opinions, Timeshare Sales Ain't What They Used To Be
    Ever since I returned from vacation a week and a half ago, I've been mulling our time at Jiminy Peak in the Berkshires from a social media context. It's not that Jiminy Peak is a major presence on, say, FriendFeed, but that, in order to get two nights virtually free at the mountain -- which, in the summer, has a great amusement/adventure park for kids -- my husband and I listened to a two-hour sales pitch for Wyndham Vacation Ownership. The process is really quite fascinating, particularly for people like my husband and I who have spent much of our …
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