• One Week After Open Graph Goes Live, Facebook Faces Its Death Panel
    One piece of advice for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg whenever he meets with New York senator Chuck Schumer over the social network's privacy: bring a translator, who can explain technology in layman's terms. Because most of the world -- including some very influential organizations, and millions of Facebook members -- have no idea what the Open Graph does, or doesn't do.
  • Opening The Facebook Open Graph Mailbag
    Congrats, Facebook. You've made every media pundit sound like the female leads in "Clueless," forcing us to use the word "like" every fourth word: "So, like, now you can like every webpage, and then like it on Facebook, and then like Facebook pages, and you can like what your friends like, and it's, like, awesome."
  • With the Open Graph, Facebook Becomes the Entire Web's Friend
    I never thought I'd say such a thing, but Mark Zuckerberg just rocked my world. And, whether you know it or not, he just rocked your world, too. I just finished watching the keynote at Facebook's F8 Developer Conference -- from the comfort of my dining room table -- and it became pretty clear that the Web as we once knew it is about to change dramatically, from a place where much of the experience is disjointed and almost completely determined by those who publish content, to being much more about how the content connects people -- and how people …
  • Six Steps For An Epic Promoted Tweet Fail
    Marketers, if you're looking for tips on how to make the most of Twitter's new ad platform, skip this and harass your favorite Twitter guru. Heck, my cohort Cathy Taylor already gave a good taste of what's new about the ad model. There's enough sound advice out there. Instead, here are six simple steps you can take to fail miserably with Promoted Tweets....
  • Poof! What Happened To My Promoted Tweet?
    Yesterday morning, as the sun rose in the east, Twitter announced that its ad platform would be something called "Promoted Tweets." But for all of its Google-like components, including the fact that, at first, the Promoted Tweets will show up only in search results, the thing that got me most excited were the Promoted Tweets that might go "Poof!" Yes, it's true. If no one cares enough about a paid tweet (which will be measured using what Twitter execs are calling resonance, using things like retweets, bit.ly and so forth), then it simply disappears as though it never existed at …
  • What The iPad Means For Social Media
    My poor editors. When writing a column about the iPad while using an iPad, I'm out of my element. Without multitasking, I can't readily fact-check. I'm less prone to make major revisions. And I may miss a few autocorrections that guess the wrong spelling. Then again, do you know how many times I am checking Facebook, Twitter, and Digg while writing this? Zero. Score one for the iPad, at the expense of social media.
  • Buh-Bye Bebo -- Or Why It's Impossible To Save A Flailing Social Network
    Jeez. It sure is hard getting traction for your flailing social network these days, so if you're in that game, better not to even try. I'm reminded of this a lot, but never more so than with the news yesterday that AOL was either going to sell or shutter Bebo -- which it spent $850 million acquiring only two years ago.
  • Two Golden Rules For Companies On Social Media
    Social media is changing the world for the better. I know this because of the conversation I have, over and over again, every time I run a social media workshop for companies. It starts with an honest and understandable question: "What if we get on Twitter and people say horrible things?"
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