• Spotify And Facebook: An Example Of When It Should Be OK Not to Share
    It is a sign of the times, I suppose, that within the first ten minutes after I came home last night from Mediapost's OMMA Global, the discussion between my 13-year-old son and I was the following: Should he click on the button served to him on Spotify that would have published every song he listened to on Facebook?
  • Marketers, Facebook Is Not About You
    Facebook's f8 event last week will have lasting ramifications for the network's 800 million users. It will also have implications for brands, but the biggest takeaway should that if you're a marketer, Facebook was never about you, it's not about you, and it will never be about you. I'm sorry to the handful of laptops and iPhones that were just hurled across the room, but the truth hurts.
  • What A Stew: The Recipe For The New Facebook
    I've been watching the new Facebook stewing in the crockpot since yesterday morning, and have discovered the recipe for making it: To a base of existing Facebook friends and surfing habits, add three tablespoons of Google+ Circles along the left-hand margin, a pound of Flipboard to the News Feed, and a heavy dollop of Twitter along the right hand side. Then, add a raft of user complaints, simmer for a while, and behold: it's the hotly controversial new Facebook! What a stinky stew
  • Netflix In Netflux Flunks Recommendations
    I wouldn't have predicted that I'd be seeking a new entertainment recommendation service right at the time that I've been using Netflix the most. Sadly, with its forthcoming split into two companies, Netflix has lost any concept of what it is, and it has just opened a massive window for someone to trump it.
  • What Will Facebook's New Lists Mean For The Omnipotent News Feed -- And Marketers That Swim In It?
    Well, that was simple enough. In launching improved, automated Lists of friends, Facebook has easily -- and almost without notice -- exploited Google+'s biggest advantage: that it makes grouping friends the default, and sharing with discreet groups of people clickably easy. (Oh, God, that sounds like part of a future tagline.)
  • Did Facebook Just Mortally Wound Yahoo, Or Is Its Secret Weapon Not What It Seems?
    In the wake of Carol Bartz' firing from the CEO's job at Yahoo earlier this week, I have but one thought: Facebook did it.
  • For Google, Daily Deals Space Is About Waiting Out The Storm
    The headlines make it hard to figure out just what's going on with the daily deals/group buying market. On the one hand, Groupon is going public! On the other hand, its business is deteriorating in some of its older markets! Google breaks with tradition by putting a Google Offer on its home page! Yelp cuts the staff of its daily deals unit! What gives?
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