• How the Internet Forgets: Before Egypt, '06 U.S. Immigration Protests Were Organized On MySpace
    The Internet may never forget, but clearly most people can't seem to remember much about network history past their last few status updates. Had we all remembered the historic U.S. immigration protests of 2006, largely organized through MySpace and other network media channels, perhaps Malcolm Gladwell may have never written (and would not still be attempting to justify) his essay from last October.
  • Before Blogs Die, A Few More Words About Their Non-Demise
    It looks, thankfully, that reports that the blog is dead are greatly exaggerated.
  • Facebook: A Tale of Oreos, Lindsay Lohan and Hosni Mubarak
    Facebook is at the center of what can only be called a media profundity. Even as those of us in the business figure out how to market brands on Facebook, and also use it to catch up with our uncles and the latest gossip, it is also proving game-changing in ways that are exponentially more significant than, say, whether or not Oreos this week set the world record for Facebook "Likes." (It did, for 24 hours, only to be out-liked by Lil' Wayne.)
  • Does Social Media Mean You Should Rethink Your Brand? Yes, For At Least One Brand
    I bet you think I'm talking about Groupon here, which faced a well-deserved firestorm of online protest online over its Super Bowl ad that actually mocked the plight of the people of Tibet to get more people to sign up for pedicure discounts. (OK, that's the Cliff Notes version.) But I'm not. I'm still hung up on Kenneth Cole, who last week, infamously tweeted: "Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new collection is now available online at http://bit.ly/KCairo --KC." Whoops.
  • Why Social Media Week Should Be Every Week
    Happy Social Media Week! Yes, boys and girls, it's that time of year when you drop what you're doing and go to any of hundreds of amazing events around the world that explore the infinite facets of social media. Why, for people like me, it's like Christmas and Diwali and National Fried Chicken Day rolled into one. In honor of this sacred week, I'll offer ten reasons why Social Media Week should be every week.
  • Why Moms Don't Use Foursquare -- And Other Insights From The Social Media Insider Summit
    If my flight had only been delayed, I could be learning more about mobile at Mediapost's Mobile Insider Summit (and probably spending more quality time on the beach). Instead, I'm on the flight home as I write this, after chairing Mediapost's second Social Media Insider Summit, which means my head is positively brimming with thoughts of what the big takeaways were.
  • The Clay Matthews Social Media Combine
    If you missed MediaPost's Social Media Insider Summit this week in Florida, you can still learn a lot by paying attention to just one person, albeit someone who wasn't even there. His name's Clay Matthews III, and he says on Twitter that he's "just an average American... with extraordinary hair!!" Most know him better as the Green Bay Packers linebacker who will soon play in the Super Bowl.
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