• LinkedIn Joins Ad Network Race
    They say a goldfish will grow as large as the body of water it occupies allows. Social media data is no different. Though powerful when put to work within the boundaries of individual platforms, a much greater potential awaits those who look beyond their pond and out into the sea. Enter social media ad networks.
  • What Marketers Can Learn About Twitter From Pissed-Off High School Kids
    Last month (Jan. 6, to be exact,), the Washington, D.C. area received its first snow of the season -- three to five inches, which sent school boards scrambling to assess driving conditions and whether to delay opening or closing schools for the day. Most school systems got it right, but one didn't -- setting off a social media storm that would take over Twitter.
  • Social Media Could Have Saved RadioShack
    I always get a bit nostalgic whenever an iconic American business succumbs to bankruptcy. RadioShack's recent announcement of its Chapter 11 status was even more personal and disheartening for me.
  • Will Facebook Jump The Shark?
    In a recent debate on whether Facebook is a better or worse bet for marketers this year, I said worse -- much worse. The takeaway was that Facebook risks jumping the shark.
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