• Remember The Blogosphere? It Hasn't Gone Away
    I received an email from someone I met last week at OMMA Global, asking if all of us people up on stage yammering on and on about social media had forgotten about the blogosphere. He has a point. For many of us, blogging is somewhat like breathing. Inhale a deep thought. Exhale it into a post. Press "Publish." Repeat.
  • Why Troubles On Wall Street Are Good --AND Bad -- For Social Media
    It's hard to focus on anything right now except for the crisis on Wall Street. I'm no financier, but it's easy to see that, even for those of us who don't know a credit-default swap from a swap meet, whatever the hell is going on down there is going to have a huge ripple effect, even among hot businesses like the social media sector. As layoffs cut through the financial world and beyond, those of you in the social networking space will feel it, too, and this will happen in good ways and bad.
  • If You Whine At Facebook's Redesign: Calm Down!
    So, only moments after I finally tried out the new Facebook yesterday, I came across this item on Gawker (via siblog Valleywag): "700,000 Facebook users join 'I hate the new Facebook' page." And all I could think is, all of those magazines that have gone through redesigns over the years are lucky they didn't have social media around to let readers tell them what they really thought.
  • IPG Dips Toe Into Social Media With SocialVibe Deal
    I'm always intrigued when I see an agency holding company make an investment or form a partnership with an up-and-coming digital media company, as was the case with last week's announcement that SocialVibe, the social media company run by fellow MediaPost columnist Joe Marchese, has entered into a strategic alliance with the Emerging Media Lab of Interpublic Group, one of the Big Four agency holding companies. OK, so given this is a strategic alliance, no investments in SocialVibe were made, but that shouldn't diminish the importance of any big holding company trying to get its arms around social media.
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