• Instagram Buy Returns Big Rewards For Facebook
    Facebook's grabbing Instagram for $1 billion will go down as one of the biggest steals in tech history. Bloomberg estimates the Facebook unit is now worth over $100 billion.
  • Facebook Offers Tools To Turn Videos Into Game Shows
    For starters, Facebook is adding polling functionality for both Live and on-demand videos, as well as gamification for Live.
  • Facebook Reveals More Extensive Tracking
    We know the social network collected info from computers and phones. Facebook tracks unique identifiers, including device IDs; those from games, apps or accounts people use; Family Device IDs; and other identifiers unique to Facebook products associated with the same device or account.
  • Apple To Launch Operating System To Stop Tracking Browsing Habits
    Thumbing its nose at Facebook, Apple is taking direct aim at the social giant's Web-tracking tools. What Apple's calls an "Intelligent Tracking Prevention" feature will block data collection through social media buttons and widgets.