• Three Signs Digital Marketing Is Facing A Social Tsunami
    These days, the term "social network" almost feels campy. Consumers are using the social Web for everything from ordering pizza to deciding how to vote to finding a place to live. Pretty much every social activity that a human could want to engage in can now be done on a mobile device or through the browser. So here are three signs that getting good at social marketing and advertising will pay off in a much bigger way very soon.
  • Best Practices For Facebook's New Accelerated Delivery Technology
    Facebook recently introduced a new technology designed to help brands and agencies deliver Facebook advertising faster than ever. By selecting accelerated delivery during campaign setup, you can now tell Facebook to spend the budget and deliver the ads as quickly as possible, without losing control of the overall budget cap. When accelerated delivery is used, Facebook enters the full bid amount to help advertisers win more auctions earlier in their campaigns.
  • When it Comes To Social Media Affinities, Expect The Unexpected
    Social media has been called "a limitless focus group" for its ability to provide real-time and unbiased insights into people and their behavior at scale. Unlike the focus groups of yesteryear - conducted behind one-way mirrors and riddled by small samples, leading questions, and self-reporting - social media data tells it like it is, often with unexpected outcomes. This is what makes the space so fruitful (and fascinating!) for marketers.
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