• What the Blogosphere Taught Me About The Apple IPad
    Take my iPad, please! Not that I have one to take. But do you ever feel like you know everything about something even though you've never actually seen it in real life? That's how I'm feeling this morning after perusing my usual round of news sites, blogs and tweets. I know everything about the iPad... or wait, do I know nothing at all? Even though the iPad has taken over my media world?
  • Checking In, Checking Out
    I have a confession to make: I'm addicted to location-based mobile social networking applications. I've been playing with eight of them lately. To bring them to life for those who aren't actively using them, I've paired each app with a celebrity that personifies it.
  • What the Conan O'Brien Imbroglio Should Teach Him About His Next Gig
    I've been spending a lot of time, probably too much, over these last few days perusing the fiasco that is the dumping of Conan O'Brien from "The Tonight Show."
  • Grab the Imodium, And Get Ready to Roll With America's 'Tweethearts'
    If you want to make yourself just a little queasy, have I got the read for you: it's Vanity Fair's ode to "America's Tweethearts," six women who, if the picture of them is any guide, tweet while wearing only tightly-belted trench coats and high heels.
  • The Social Side Of CES
    Is the Consumer Electronics Show a social media event? Hardly. Any event that dedicates a few football fields of floor space to iPod accessories isn't entirely about social. But there is a big social side to it that comes up in several ways, if you know where to look.
  • The Top 100 Social Media Brands -- Or, Sex Doesn't Just Sell, It Socializes
    As usual, I've been spending way too much quality time mulling over something only the readers of this column, and yours truly, might care about: Vitrue's second annual list of the top social media brands. After looking it over from the iPhone (#1), to Comcast (#100), here's what I've decided: that, as it always does, sex sells -- in this case, because it socializes.
  • In Search Of Your Booker Moment
    Have you shoveled any of your consumers' driveways lately? Just about everyone but Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker can put their hands down. Booker, savvy enough to get some positive ink for Newark, is not a bad role model for marketers. As Mashable reported yesterday, New Jersey radio show host Ravie Rave tweeted that her 65-year-old father needed help shoveling snow, and Booker promptly responded, saying he would "get 2 his Driveway by noon. I've got salt, shovels & great volunteers." The story went on to make headlines on CNN and elsewhere.
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