• Then Social Changes The World...
    Social media is exhausting. New platforms and tools are always popping up. And real-time marketing, coupled with consumers' expectations of instant responses, means an always-on state of readiness.
  • Real-Time Marketing Takes Big-Time Planning
    Despite the surging popularity of the term, "real-time marketing" isn't anything new. Street teams do real-time marketing as they adapt their approach to what's happening in front of them. Public relations teams do real-time marketing when responding to a crisis. Most good social media teams have been doing real-time marketing for years. Sending out well wishes to disaster-stricken zones. Posting photos from live events. Responding and engaging with fans. However, real-time marketing can't be done without proper planning. There are a few ways we've learned over the years to ensure success with real-time social media marketing.
  • Yes, You ARE Being Watched -- And You Want To Be
    Please, please don't tell me you are shocked that the government has been scanning the Internet for intelligence about who among us has the capacity to be very, very naughty. You, Social Media Insiders, most of all. Given the oversharing that goes on routinely among us every day, weren't we just begging for this?
  • Social Connections Abound At E3
    For two days this week, I was surrounded by zombies, killer cars, fantastical warriors and polo-shirt-wearing businesspeople. It's truly a surreal world at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, where everyone from Xbox to Disney to Chevy showcases their products. It's also a fascinating look into social communities.
  • The Difference Between 'Social' And 'Engagement' Experts
    The news of an 18% staff reduction at Zynga isn't a harbinger of the decline of casual gaming. It's a warning about being the right type of expert. Zynga proved itself to be a Facebook expert and a desktop casual gaming expert. Not a social gaming expert. Therein lies the problem with much of the strategy, training, discussion and thinking around social media. People mistake "social platform" expertise for "social engagement" expertise.
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