• Bing, Bing, Bing: Trump Says Presidency Impossible Without Social Media
    Trump credits social media with his election victory. He told FBN's Maria Bartiromo that ongoing drama is actually the main purpose of the presidential social-media strategy.
  • Snapchat Ramps Up Content Deals
    While Facebook and Google battle each other for the affection, or at least grudging loyalty, of media companies and publishers, small but plucky contender Snapchat is steadily building its own relationships with content creators. It just revealed a new scripted content partnership with NBCUniversal, and is also ramping up its content deals with Hearst.
  • Russian Social-Media Propaganda Targeted U.S. Military Personnel, Vets
    More details are emerging of Russian efforts to disseminate propaganda and influence U.S. public opinion via advertising and content distributed over social media, much of it targeted to specific groups. A new study suggests that one of those target audiences included current and former U.S. military personnel.
  • Regardless Of Who Loses The Election Meddling Controversy, Russia Wins
    Our enemies can only benefit when ordinary Americans start to question the fundamental integrity of their political process, as well as the motives and trustworthiness of their fellow citizens.
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