• Most Liked Social Network Is... Google+?
    Google+, long dismissed as the also-ran and afterthought of the social-media world, is actually well liked by the relatively small group of people who use it.
  • The Dark Side Of Influencers: Douchebags
    Jake Paul is a Disney star, as well as an influencer, with 8.5 million followers across YouTube, Instagram and the like. Paul is now persona non grata in his West Hollywood neighborhood because of his preferred method of entertaining his social-media audience. Think destructive.
  • 'They're Not Going To Take Away My Social Media,' Vows Trump
    Social media was a central pillar of Trump's long-shot, outsider campaign for the presidency, allowing him to succeed where conventional wisdom said he would fail. And he's not about to stop now.
  • President Troll
    There are good reasons Donald Trump is posting a video of himself beating up a CNN avatar. First, because it pleases his base, or at least part of it. Mostly, because it shifts attention from serious issues - like the Russia probes or the Senate's healthcare bill.
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