• How To Set Up A Brand Myspace Page
    A few weeks ago, I wrote about who should be scared of Myspace. Since then, I've found myself on the site more and more -- getting addicted to its design, usability and, of course, music. Here are a few tips to help you get your brand up and running quickly.
  • Five Tips For Coping When (Not If) Your Social Media Accounts Are Hacked
    The way this week has been going, it may not end up being just The Week of the Hacker but the Year of the Hacker. First there was Burger King's Twitter account, which suddenly started to proclaim that it was, essentially, the Home of the McRib, followed by a hack of Jeep's Twitter account to make it look like the brand had been bought by Cadillac. Even Donald Trump got thrown (tee-hee) in to the Twitter hack-a-thon. For one brilliant moment he was tweeting like Lil Wayne.
  • Four Services That Make Social Media Easier
    We have a lot to do in social media: post, respond, upload, monitor, maintain, reply, comment, link, etc. etc. etc. So, anything we can do to make ourselves more efficient and more productive = more better. Here are four services I've come across recently that I believe are going to save me time and energy.
  • Seven Facts You Didn't Know About Social Media
    As I write this, I'm flying home enjoying the JetBlue experience after three days at MediaPost's sixth Social Media Insider Summit in Florida, where the quest for knowledge about how to market in social media often yielded this: how much we still have to learn.
  • Everyone's Dunking The Wrong Oreo
    OK, that's it. I'm tired of hearing people talk about Oreo's Super Bowl tweet. Not because Oreo's response wasn't great. It was. But people are talking about the wrong things. Yes, kudos to the company's team for responding quickly and for writing engaging copy. After all, they created a graphic and had it posted in less than 15 minutes after the power outage. The question we aren't asking: Who actually made the tweet successful?
  • Like Oreo, You Can Dunk in the Dark -- Just Not That Often
    It goes to show you how breakthrough Oreo's "You Can Still Dunk in the Dark" ad is: When you Google "Oreo ad," the brand's actual big-production Super Bowl commercial places 11th in the results. Results one through seven are all for the spur-of-the-moment Twitter ad that, well, gamely took advantage of the Super Bowl's blackout to exploit the power of real-time advertising.
  • The New Myspace: Who Should Be Scared
    As brand marketers, there are a (sometimes overwhelming) number of social media platforms we need to be versed, if not fluent, in. You'd better know Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest. For some businesses, LinkedIn. It'd be good to have some knowledge of Instagram, Branch and Vine, too. Add another to the mix: Myspace. Yeah, I know. I'm shocked to be writing it, too. But, here's the thing: the new Myspace is really good. Like REALLY good.
  • Facebook Jumps Over The Candlestick
    "Facebook be nimble; Facebook be quick./Facebook not (necessarily) growing like a hockey stick." But don't take that cute distillation of Facebook's fourth-quarter and year-end 2012 earnings, announced Wednesday, quite the way it may sound. Actually, what Facebook made public then was impressive, since in the space of a few quarters, it took a nascent ad platform - mobile -- and moved it from a negligible part of ad revenue to 13% in the third quarter and 24% in the fourth quarter.
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