• An Oreo Cookie Shake Or A Sweet Potato?
    This is a parable, turned into an analogy, involving a consumed Oreo Cookie Shake and an unconsumed sweet potato.
  • Help! Intuit, Stride-Rite And Trupanion Won't Stop Stalking Me!
    Lately I feel like I'm being stalked. Not by anyone truly harmful, but by a troika of behaviorally targeted ads that miss the mark. It's not because I haven't recently visited the sites for the products that now follow me on the Web. I have. But if behavioral targeting is supposed to be some sort of silver bullet -- on Facebook and elsewhere -- I'm amazed at how it routinely fails to recognize whether I'm still in the purchase funnel, or was ever there in the first place.
  • Why LinkedIn Is Less Conquerable Than Facebook
    There's a single, fundamental reason it would be harder for an upstart new website to beat LinkedIn than for one to beat Facebook: There is more risk associated with losing your network on LinkedIn.
  • The 'Atlantic''s Scientology Misadventure -- & What It Should Mean For Online Advertorials
    I'm certainly not going to use this column to wade into a debate about Scientology. However, what The Atlantic's misadventure shows is how much policing advertorials need.
  • Six Books To Better Your Content Marketing
    Social media marketing IS content marketing. And, if you're a content marketer, you're a publisher, a writer, an editor and a community manager. The following are six books to help you be a better content marketer - and none of the six are directly about social media, content marketing or publishing.
  • My Day With The Geek Squad -- Or, A Story Of Two Channels
    At some point during the one-mile caravan ride to Best Buy featuring my Mazda minivan and a Geek Squad Beetle, I thought to myself: "Wow, this Twitter thing is entirely awesome - and phones are increasingly useless."
  • Five Journalism Tips For Social Media Marketers
    Social media marketers have to be part journalist, part advertiser. In an age of "brands as publishers," it's often more important to embrace the journalist than the advertiser side. After all, your tweet, post or article is competing with the friends, news sites, entertainers, publications and brands that your audience is also following. The following are five tips gleaned from nearly 20 years of writing for newspapers, magazines, blogs and brands.
  • What Andrew Sullivan's Subscription-Only Model Says About Advertising & Social Media
    So the year begins with us not driving off the fiscal cliff, due to a quick left turn at the very end. Phew! But only hours later, online advertising was effectively thrown under the bus by my favorite blogger, Andrew Sullivan -- and for online advertising, and social media types, this might end up being a cliffhanger. (Argh. Sorry. Had to go there.)
  • Talking About Failure Leads To Success
    You had some big successes in social media last year. Here's the thing: you had even more failures. And, that's to be expected. Success can happen without failure, but they'll be small successes. Big successes come hand-in-hand with some happy failures.
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