• Users Crave Digital Privacy, But Aren't Willing To Pay For It
    Despite fears, 72% of consumers said they are not willing to pay social networks to ensure their personal information be protected. More believe companies and organizations should provide them with a degree of control over their personal information.
  • Instagram Now Offers Ecommerce
    Launch partners include top brands in the fashion and beauty business, including Burberry, Balmain, MAC Cosmetics, Michael Kors, Dior, H&M, Nike, Adidas, Prada, Uniqlo, Warby Parker, and Zara.
  • Facebook Revamps, Provides 3 New Relevance Metrics
    Now, relevance diagnostics will measure relevance across three dimensions, including quality ranking, engagement rate ranking and conversion rate ranking.
  • Facebook Isn't Fazed By Worldwide Regulation Threats
    Despite regulatory talk in the U.S. and Europe, Facebook seems to be ignoring regulator warnings.