• Ewww...What's That Smell? It's MyStarbucksIdea.com
    Granted, it's way too easy to dump on Starbucks these days, but I was taken aback when I started to Google the name of the coffee chain's so-called social networking site on Monday and discovered the glee people seemed to take in dumping on MyStarbucksIdea.com.
  • Maybe Advertising In Social Media Should Be An Oxymoron
    I'm still mulling a social networking panel I saw last week at Ogilvy's Verge Summit in New York. So, rather than keep mulling it within the limited confines of my brain, I've decided to share what I heard on that panel with the Social Media Insider community -- people who, I've noticed, comment on just about everything, and intelligently, too.
  • The Revolution Will Be Twitterized -- And What 'Mobisode' Should Really Mean
    So, as of this morning (Monday) I was going to write this column about the death-by-Twitter of Sarah Lacy's interview with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg over the weekend at SXSW Interactive. But before I can really get into that imbroglio -- I'll get there later in this column -- I'll do a quick drive-by on the Twitterization of Eliot Spitzer....
  • Blogger's Block -- And Other Ways Agencies Aren't Walking The Walk Of Social Media
    The real topic of this column is to delve a little more deeply into a headline you may have seen last week: that agencies "don't get it" when it comes to social media, per a study from Cymfony, the TNS Media Intelligence unit dedicated to monitoring and studying the social media scene. There's nothing particularly shocking about that headline, but since it appears days after the Online Publishers Association added Community to its Internet Activity Index, it's obvious this is yet another hot topic that agency people have to get a handle on.
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