• The Social Media Headline You Should Be Paying Attention To This Week
    Sheesh. There are a lot of topics an enterprising Social Media Insider could write about today. I could go on and on concerning:
  • The Shorty Awards And The Social Iceberg
    You're invited to an awards show, or perhaps you pay a considerable enough sum to attend. Where would you rather be, in the room with the celebrity entertainers and everyone accepting the awards, or in the basement? Or would you rather follow along at home?
  • Should Twitter Close Down @freeNYTimes?
    As I write this, an interesting signpost in the advancement of social media and paywalls is upon us. To continue my theme of absolute obsession with The New York Times' new paywall, today I want to talk about whether Twitter has, or should, shut down the Twitter feed @freeNYTimes. It's an automated account that promises to tweet a link to every article in the Times, using the paper's own API to make the trick happen.
  • Shattering The SXSW Petri Dish
    Some time between an earthquake rattling Japan and Operation Odyssey Dawn launching to protect Libya from itself, my world was consumed by a mere four letters: SXSW. In the metaphysical sense, it seems so remote now that I wonder if South by Southwest actually occurred. In the more practical sense, this marks the start of a yearlong process to determine how much it mattered.
  • The New York Times' New Paywall Uses Social As A Sampling Tool
    our topic today is The New York Times' just-announced digital subscription policy, because now we finally know how at least one great media property will try to eat its cake and have it too when it comes to monetizing content while at the same time making it shareable.
  • SXSW's Tower Of Babel
    Picture this, as Sophia says on "The Golden Girls." It's Austin, 2011. You're at the most buzzed-about interactive media event in the world. You want to meet up with a couple of friends at one of the better parties among at least a dozen viable options happening right now. What do you do?
  • Why 'The Dark Knight' Shows Facebook Is The Platform of Our Lives
    While many of you are at SXSW, I'm here in the still-chilly Northeast, removing programs from a bloated, old Dell laptop, in the hopes that at the end of the process, it will still be usable enough to satisfy the game-playing needs of a 13-year-old. Doing such a thing is like holding a software retrospective, which means it also serves as a reminder of how much has changed since four years ago, when I first bought this laptop that now qualifies as arthritic. Four years ago, Facebook was still primarily a plaything for the college-age-and-younger set; this week, people are …
  • A Mzungu's Guide To Social Africa
    Unlike my December trip to South America, I was fine staying somewhat connected digitally while in South Africa, Tanzania's mainland, Zanzibar, and Amsterdam during 17 days away. While visiting places that felt so foreign (I'll take getting woken up by monkeys instead of garbage trucks any day), it was fun to have a few comforts of home with me. That included dabbling in social media, often with unexpected results.
  • What Our Charlie Sheen Obsession Has to Do With Facebook #Winning Display Ads
    Oh, Twitterati. you are not as intellectual as you Sheen -- I mean seem. I've been appalled at the fact I've actually caught people such as @ShellyKramer and @Jason, tweeting about Sheen today because everyone seems to want in on this one. Hell, I found out that Sheen had an official Twitter account from Benjamin Palmer on Tumblr. Sad.
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