• Who Cares If Facebook Becomes A Teenage Wasteland?
    So last night, minutes after the Boston Red Sox had handily defeated the St. Louis Cardinals, my husband went on Facebook, and saw a status update from our son - the kid whose profile picture is of him sitting on a couch (in real life!) with World Series MVP David Ortiz. And it proclaimed, "2013 WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!." My husband then turned to me and asked the central question concerning modern-day Facebook usage: "Should I 'Like' it?"
  • Cracking The Code On Paid Social Video -- Or Not
    Even the geekiest among us don't spend much time thinking about social video on a Saturday morning, especially a Saturday morning in Montauk. However, this past Saturday at 9 a.m., we were still in session at the Video Insider Summit, so some extracurricular geekiness was required. At times like that, one instinctively reaches for the coffee pot, but during the first panel -- "Finding the Right Format, Or Not Defaulting to TV Ad Units" -- it actually wasn't the caffeine that woke me up. What got my attention was the grand takeaway from the session: that social video only seems …
  • 40% Of YouTube Traffic On Mobile -- But What Does Mobile Really Mean, Anyway?
    This just in to the Social Media Insider newsroom: some 40% of YouTube's traffic now comes from a mobile device, up from 25% last year and a mere 6% in 2011. Now, if we only could get clear on what mobile means. What, you say? The alleged social media insider is unclear what mobile means? Well, yes -- but let me explain.
  • Google Moves Into Endorsements -- Which Makes Me Not Want To Endorse Anything
    If you didn't follow social media news this past week, you wouldn't be the only one. What with all the sturm und drang over the government shutdown, the looming debt ceiling crisis, and a positive cornucopia of political posturing available 24/7 all week long, who could even pay attention to Facebook, or Google, or even Twitter's IPO? Still, there was some social media news that managed to catch my eye, amazingly enough. And that's that Google is moving into the same "endorsement" social ad territory currently employed by Facebook. In other words, don't feign shock if your mug suddenly pops …
  • What Twitter's S1 Doesn't Tell You About Its Users
    Not to geek out on all of you -- but to geek out on all of you -- I love a good, old-fashioned S1, so I've spent part of Friday looking at Twitter's, in advance of its planned IPO next month. The big takeaway? Unlike Facebook, Twitter's S1 doesn't contain a glaring smoking gun. But it does have its issues. Chief among them, to me, is a perception problem: that if you go on Twitter, you have to have something to say. That keeps a lot of people from not only signing up for Twitter in the first place, but …
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