• The Symbiosis Of Social And Programmatic
    Which came first? The acceleration of social media, thanks to programmatic media-buying technology? Or the expansion of programmatic media-buying, thanks to the inclusion of social media channels? You don't have to be an egghead to know the answer is a symbiotic one.
  • Facebook, Twitter Aim For More Impactful Exchanges
    Facebook is making changes to its News Feed to provide more opportunities for "meaningful" interactions, while reducing passive consumption of low-quality content.
  • Twitter Debuts Digital Spot To Define Platform
    Twitter is unveiling some new work to show people how to use its platform. The debut spot should begin appearing on Amazon, Pandora and other digital properties this week.
  • Facebook Is Ready To Eat Your Children's Brains
    The news that Facebook is -- for the first time ever -- opening its doors to pre-teen kids is terrifying. The fact that Facebook consulted with some parents and experts before launching "Messenger Kids" is no consolation.
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