• Parkay Could Have Used Social Media To, Well, Pass The Parkay
    Maybe I've been focusing on this social media thing for too long, because lately I seem to look for a social media aspect to every ad campaign I read about. And so it was, yesterday morning, that I came across a story in Marketing Daily about the resurrection of the famed "Talking Tub" campaign for Parkay. The good news -- for ad nostalgia enthusiasts -- is that the campaign is back. The bad news, is that, from what I can tell, the brand missed one of the most obvious, and admittedly silly, social media opportunities since the first spoof commercial …
  • Making Sense Of Social Media
    When your 80-year-old mother forwards a video to you each day and your mother-in-law writes a blog, you can't help but pay attention to the growth, acceptance and utility of social media. According to Forrester's 2008 Social Technographic Profile, three out of four U.S. adults use web technologies and tools to connect with other people and to share information. Adoption has grown from 56% just a year ago.
  • Social Media And The Motrin Controversy: Or, Will Social Media Kill Advertising Creativity?
    Perhaps, even if your brand preference is Advil, you spent the early part of the week mired in the Motrin controversy. If not, I'll recap, and then we can turn to my big question of the day.
  • President-Elect Obama, Don't Let Your Social Media Channels Grow Cold
    Now that the fairy dust has settled on last week's historic election, it's time to contemplate how president-elect Obama will translate the communications channels he honed during the campaign into ones that serve his presidency. I'm certainly not the first person to write about this, but as the alleged Social Media Insider, I'm fascinated by how he might use social media going forward.
  • Call For Submissions On What Twitter's Biz Model Should Be: I'm Serious!
    As anyone who reads this column knows, I am a Twitter-aholic, a condition that was most recently brought home to me last night when I found myself constantly checking tweets as the election results rolled in. But part of that obsession is something most of you never see. I wonder, as do many of us, what Twitter's business model is to be. I want it to eventually figure out how to make money so that my habit can continue to be fed.
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