• Tweet This: Ad-Supported Media Needs Marketers More Than Marketers Need Media
    One of my favorite parts of Advertising Week -- besides when it's over, and I can go back to the home office and take off the heels -- is the Future of Media Forum, which, as it turns out, is sponsored by this very publication: MediaPost's Media magazine (I swear that the first time I went, I didn't even know that.) It's an almost-two-hour-long panel featuring heavy hitters of the marketing and media world. So, here's what I came away with: that, partly due to social, perhaps the biggest disconnect we face in the marketing and media industrial complex is …
  • CheckPoints Makes An End-Run Around Location
    I've got a riddle for you: What's the hardest part about location-based marketing? Here's a hint: It's not the marketing. The challenge tends to lie in dealing with locations. This comes up all the time. Can locations accept mobile coupons? Does a brand have the right to run marketing around locations they don't own? For locations that are part of a chain, is the marketing the responsibility of the store owner or the corporate marketing group? While locations now offer compelling digital marketing opportunities thanks to advances in mobile media and devices, locations also cause a few wrinkles in some …
  • The HuffPo's Hiring of NYT's Peter Goodman Is More Significant Than You Think
    If you aren't in journalism, you may have no idea how big this is: but it's huge, absolutely huge that The New York Times' economics reporter Peter Goodman is joining the Huffington Post, in a shift that was announced yesterday. Trust me, in the macro-sense of the word, this is much more important than the news that Howard Fineman just left the decimated Newsweek for the HuffPo. The Goodman shift is the more important move of the two because of why Goodman says he's leaving. And it gets to the heart of how social media has changed the news business.
  • We Don't Need No Stinkin' Facebook Phone
    There's a new debate about Facebook that's making echo chambers implode. No, it's not whether "Catfish" or "The Social Network" will prove to be the better Facebook movie, or whether David Fincher's next movie will be a remake of his own "Se7en" with Mark Zuckerberg as the serial killer.
  • Twitter's New Redesign: Finally, A Service For The Rest Of Us
    There's one thing I always try hard not to do when one of social media's big players comes out with substantial changes -- and that's to read what everyone else thinks about it before I form my own opinion. (Reading news stories is OK; reading everything about it on TechCrunch -- not OK.) Making sure to go wide-eyed and innocent into Twitter's redesign Tuesday was fairly easy. That said, I do have one big thought: that, as of this redesign -- which allows people to see more information about each tweet without leaving the service -- Twitter is finally a …
  • Ten Reasons To Love Mobile Social Media
    It's OK if you're not obsessed with mobile social media. I know I can get carried away, whether I'm spilling my Super Mayor confessions or taking too much pride in becoming the King of Disinfectant (take that, Lysol serfs!). Whether you're already sold on its importance or still could use more convincing, here are 10 reasons to love mobile social media.
  • The Social Media Insider, Unplugged
    One of the first thoughts that occurred to me, on this first morning after vacation, is that we tech types sure know how to get excited about minutiae that in the final analysis probably won't really matter.
  • A Reason To Care About Social Media
    "Her surgery is tomorrow morning and she's not at all nervous! Please say a prayer for her and think of her tomorrow at 7:30 when surgery begins." This was the first entry posted on the site "Heal Fast Billie" hosted on CarePages through the hospital where a preteen I know just had surgery.
  • When It Comes to Leveraging the Social Graph, Language Counts
    This week, instead of reporting from the red comfy chair in the living room, I'm reporting from sunny - if cold, Lake Tahoe - where MediaPost is hosting its first-ever Social Media Insider Summit. By day, we've been attending panels and keynotes about where, when, how and if employees should tweet; by night we've been using Google Sky Maps to figure out what the constellations are above our heads. Yes, it's a geek-a-thon!
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