• Can Facebook Weather The Storm?
    The FTC is investigating the social network -- and it's come under fire in several countries. But for now, it's unclear if the scrutiny will translate into a significant decline in usership, engagement or ad dollars.
  • Zuckerberg Has Left The Building
    Via video stream, virtual reality or a plain old post, Facebook's cofounder and CEO has always been visible in times of turmoil. Suddenly, in the midst of a company crisis, he's MIA.
  • Adaptly's McCrea Touts Metrics To Aid Brand Goals
    Focusing on more tangible metrics like engagement and traffic gives brands more insight into purchase intent and lower-funnel consumer activity. It brings them one step closer to closing the loop and proving ROI on social.
  • Facebook Reaches Maximum Creepiness With Pedophile Query
    Rather than bringing the world closer together, Facebook's motto should be: "Show us more. Tell us more. Let us inside your world, your heart and your head!" Objectively, such rabid intrusiveness should make a person's skin crawl. Which it did this past weekend.
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