• WeWork Unloading Meetup Amid Meet-Up Decline
    It's not clear yet whether Meetup plans to adjust its mission of encouraging physical encounters -- but the network did emphasize its ability to host virtual gatherings.
  • World Health Organization Labels Fake COVID-19 News 'Infodemic'
    In response, Facebook and other platforms have begun working directly with WHO, Centers for Disease Control to slow the spread of bad information.
  • Some See Opportunities Amid COVID-19 Chaos
    Despite unfortunate consequences ,"the changes in behaviors that will follow could create new opportunities for marketers to engage with all relevant stakeholders."
  • Facebook Inc. Further Integrating Platforms
    The latest example of this gradual merger is "Share Story to Instagram," a new feature that lets Facebook users cross-post their Stories to Instagram.
  • Social Giants Contributing To Economic, Cultural Divide
    Brookings just released data showing that tech jobs have only become more concentrated in cities like San Fran and Austin over the past ten years.