• Tumblr Redoubles Efforts To Curb Hate Speech
    Like Facebook, Twitter and others, the platform wants to promote free speech and creative expression, but not at the expense of people's physical and emotional safety.
  • Facebook Denies 'Trustworthiness' Scores
    As part of a larger effort to clean up its content, Facebook admits that it is taking measures to determine whether users are accurately reporting fake news.
  • Can Interactive Video Right Facebook's Ship?
    With billions of dollars at stake, Facebook is betting its long-term success on content that consumers find more meaningful and engaging.
  • Facebook Enters Financial Services Biz, But Not Without Controversy
    Facebook is getting involved with financial services, but claims a 'Wall Street Journal' headline and article misrepresents its service to users.
  • What's The Matter With Facebook?
    From the first quarter of the year to the second, revenue growth dipped by about 7%, while Facebook said it expected similar declines in the third and fourth quarters.
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