• 10 Ways To Make Your TV Strategy More Social -- And Vice Versa
    Social network advertising may be less than 5% of total global media spend - $25 billion out of $570 billion in 2015, per eMarketer - but it has a dramatic impact on all media, especially the ~40% going to television. Here are 10 ways to make your TV strategy more social, and vice versa:
  • Instagram Advertising: 5 Steps to a Successful Launch
    So you're ready to start advertising on Instagram? Great. Where do you start? This is new territory for everyone, including display advertising veterans. Here's a strategy to get your brand into the water and swimming in this new, highly nuanced and aesthetically discerning environment.
  • Fresh Google Ad Tech Brings New Dimension Of Relevance
    Almost 15 years ago, Google launched its AdWords business, revolutionizing the world of Web advertising and liberating users from the uninformed digital Stone Age. AdWords gave advertisers the power of context by offering them the opportunity to respond instantly to users' search intent. Last week, the search giant launched arguably the most powerful update to Google advertising since AdWords was introduced.
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