• Who's Afraid Of The Big, Bad Yahoo? Tumblr Users!
    My Spotify is on a Pearl Jam jag, so I'd rather be listening to that, but instead I'm listening to the interview that Tumblr founder David Karp did last night with Charlie Rose about why he sold to Yahoo last week for $1.1 billion. This is what he said: "It was a company with a legacy, doing exactly the same kind of stuff that we're hinging our business on, which is really creative brand advertising."
  • The Week That Ferrero Put The 'Nut' In Nutella
    Sometimes, when you're the writer of a weekly social media column, you just have to thank the heavens for dropping a beautiful column idea right into your lap.
  • How To Profit From Tumblr Deal
    Let your nemesis wax philosophically on how the Yahoo/Tumblr deal is bad for users. Or, let her calculate the projected advertising inventory and how that will affect broader ad rates. Meanwhile, you can focus on plans that are actionable in the next 90 days.
  • If Yahoo Bought Tumblr, What, If Anything, Would Be Achieved?
    If you're asking why I'm asking, it's because the rumor mill over at AllThingsD claims that the two have talked, so buzz about the potential of this old guard/new guard marriage has certain members of the social-media-erati buzzing, along with columnists who need something to write about.
  • 'Animal House' Nailed Social Media
    Shed those followers that aren't providing value. Trim the content our audiences don't want. Drop the platforms where we can't find audiences. Volume does not beget volume.
  • Why Didn't We Think Of Vine Sooner? Of Course It's Growing Like Kudzu!
    For all of the smart people running around the Internet biz, it is sometimes amazing to contemplate how absolutely stupid we all are. That's quite a way to start a column, huh?
  • Long-Payment Terms Bad For Social Media
    Procter & Gamble is looking to move its payment terms from 45 days to 75 days, according to the Wall Street Journal. GE pays its bills on a standard net 120 -- this one I know from personal experience. And, while there are work-arounds that are easier for larger agencies to take advantage of (like bridge payments from banks), these work-arounds are harder for smaller and newer agencies. That's not good for social media marketing.
  • When The World Already Has Facebook, Does It Need NextDoor?
    As regular readers of this column are painfully aware, I'm a student of how, and whether, social networks are being used by the normal people who make up my non-work life. So I was curious when a guy who lives a few blocks away asked me in late March to join NextDoor, a social networking start-up that pledges to unite people online based on their geography, in private online communities.
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