• Athletes Strive To Be Social
    Social components have been hardwired into Strava's functionality since its founding in 2009.
  • Social Listening For Preemptive Action (And Profit)
    Social listening and social intelligence tools are useful across the entire lifecycle of a product, providing insights that should be shared with all company areas.
  • Social's Impact On Transmedia
    Transmedia marketing integrates storytelling and marketing content across multiple platforms, and social media has accelerated it at breakneck speed, says author Anne Zeiser in a Q&A.
  • Using Social Media For 'Sexy' Family-Planning Social Marketing
    DKT International uses the whole gamut of social media and traditional marketing levers to inform women and men about family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention through 22 programs in 19 countries.
  • Using Social Media To Improve Productivity
    The Hartford Tech @ Work survey of 1,000 people ages 18 to 70 finds 37% of both genders believe using social media actually improves productivity.
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