• Facebook's New Business Model: Buying Stuff
    For the record, I hope I am never spotted with a shoebox strapped to my head, which -- far as I can tell -- is essentially what Oculus VR is all about. (You know, that virtual reality company that Facebook bought this week for $2 billion?) And you thought people who wore Google Glass looked like idiots.
  • Hey, Advertisers and Agencies, Let's All Hate On Facebook!
    Who declared open season on Facebook? Lately, it seems as if everyone has. So in this Social Media Insider, we shall jump on the bandwagon by recounting all of the ways that advertisers and agencies can hate on Facebook, just because everybody's doing it. Oh, and we shall also look into whether this is all hate for the sake of hating, or something deeper and more troubling. Let's get to the whining, forthwith:
  • Reach Them Or Die: Why 'Ferns' Was Perfect Choice To Market Healthcare.gov
    It's way too tempting to devote today's column to the way those social media-infused Internets are fueling the most wide-ranging set of conspiracy theories since the grassy knoll: the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Will power, Social Media Insider, will power! However, for media types, social media types and those obsessed with the alleged decay-of-America-as-we-know-it, the story of the week is clearly and unequivocally the viral sensation that was the appearance of Barack Obama (he's our president) on Zach Galifianakis' intentionally cheesy Web show "Between Two Ferns."
  • Oscars 2014: Or, The Night Real-Time Marketing Didn't Suck
    Man, it's been a rough week for achieving my lifelong goal of knowing nothing about Bitcoin. But at least those who are following it intensely don't seem to know what's going on with it, which means my ignoring it is time very well unspent. While some people are debating whether this guy is the Bitcoin founder, let's turn our focus all the way back to last Sunday, and the Oscars, which precipitated not one, but two, record-breaking viral sensations only one of which involved Jennifer Lawrence -- and then, only minimally! Here they are:
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