• Can Social Media Ease The Path To Herd Immunity?
    Maybe. Pro-vaccine tweeting by social influencers can help, but there's still a lot of anti-vax sentiment they need to counterbalance.
  • Trumpian Social Network Could Spur Support For Section 230
    Former President Donald Trump reportedly is plotting to return to social media by launching his own platform. If so, expect him to rethink his position on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, the 25-year-old media law that protects web sites from lawsuits over users' speech.
  • Did Sponsored Content Really Drop In 2020?
    Maybe -- although reporting details make accounts ambiguous, according to a study by social media company Klear.
  • Report Finds Social Commerce On The Rise Globally
    A study found that 47% of Black Friday shoppers in U.S. claimed to have already purchased via social channels.
  • Facebook Group Helps Pittsburghers Get Vaccinated
    The site also offers tutorials for those overwhelmed by online instructions.