• Snap Is Losing Influencers, While Instagram Gains Them
    Over the past year, 86% of marketers and 89% of influencers reported using Snapchat less for influencer-marketing campaigns. However, 43% of marketers are using Instagram's Swipe Up features for campaigns, per a new study.
  • Facebook Explains Data Collection, Claims It's No Different From Rivals
    Following Mark Zuckerberg's rope-a-dope testimony on Capitol Hill last week, Facebook is (sort of) clarifying how it handles off-site user data. Here's another fun fact: Facebook tracks the data of consumers who don't belong to its massive community.
  • Facebook Offers Bounties For Data Abusers
    Desperate to clean up its act, Facebook is offering big bounties to anyone who can spot data abusers, like Cambridge Analytics and its partner in crime, psychology professor Aleksandr Kogan.
  • Fallout From Facebook Controversy Continues
    It's now been over two weeks since the Cambridge Analytica bomb blew up in Facebook's lap, and, while the dust has barely settled, one thing is clear: This scandal isn't blowing over. On the contrary, analysts are now adjusting their revenue projections downward in light of the massive controversy.
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