• Four Lessons For Social Media Preparedness From Sandy
    The unfortunate reality is that we need to be more prepared now than we were 10 years ago -- no matter what part of the country we live in -- in the wake of more flooding, ice storms, earthquakes, blizzards, and tornadoes. Whether a national brand or local business, you have to be prepared for how your business, your employees and your customers will be affected by Mother Nature.
  • Facebook's Mobile Problem Suddenly Vanishes
    So, remember that thing about Facebook's mobile problem, way back, say, six months ago? It's gone! Like that! Courtesy of Facebook's Q3 earnings report, which surprised the world into actually buying the stock. The next day, it hit a high of $24 share, about 25% higher than it was before the announcement.
  • 'Return On Investment' Isn't The Same As 'Great Metrics'
    With so many metrics at our disposal, it's incredibly easy for a social media marketer to simply focus on metrics instead of return on investment. But few of us get paid for good stats alone. Our businesses want us to make them money. Go figure. And yet, again and again we turn to stats that mean nothing when it comes to ROI. Most companies can only guess what a Like is worth or the value of a Pin. I even had a client a couple years ago have us take OUT any metrics that showed how we contributed to the …
  • Binders - Or, Stop Me Before I Meme Again
    Before I begin, forgive me for often being more into social memes than social metrics. But although I find it fascinating that a study released today says only 6% of alleged fans of a brand on Facebook actually interact with it, I'm actually more in the mood to talk about binders. Oh, sheesh, binders? That's so 36 hours ago.
  • Social Can't Succeed Without Experiential
    Social marketers need to be event marketers. As a social media professional, if you don't have plans for event marketing in your 2013 budget, you'd better lower your projected metrics for the year.
  • In Social, Is A Picture Now Worth Lots Of Money?
    After all this, is social really coming back back to the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words"? Or maybe I should embellish a bit: "A picture is worth a thousand words -- and lots of money if it has an e-commerce button attached"?
  • Viral Isn't A Four-Letter Word
    But the word "plan" is. I'm officially over talking about a "plan" for viral social engagement. This could be my Jerry Maguire moment, so prepare for either a rant or a manifesto -- you tell me which.
  • Why Don't We Pay Attention To Do-Not-Track?
    I can safely say that the session on online privacy wasn't the best-attended offering at OMMA Social at Advertising Week on Tuesday. Sure, it was late in the day, but there's a part of me that thinks, in addition, it's because no one wants to talk about it. After all, when there's so much excitement around behavioral and social targeting, who wants to shut down the party? But as I listened to the panel of experts talk, it became clear to me that most of us -- this columnist included -- have some waking up to do.
  • Time To Treat Your Customers Like Cavemen
    Let's party like it's 100,000 B.C. Psychologically, there are many ways we haven't changed much from that early man. The biggest failing of digital marketers is when we think of consumers as "digital consumers" instead of just "consumers."
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