• Five Things This Marketing Geek Is Hoping For At F8 Facebook Developer Conference
    Video game producers have the Game Developers Conference. Hardware hackers have the Consumer Electronics Show. And Facebook Marketing Partners look forward to the F8 Facebook Developer Conference, held March 25 and March 26. Although it's an event for developers, I join the engineering leadership on my team to geek out about the new advertising and marketing capabilities. My team has been going to F8 since 2010, and the atmosphere has been absolutely infectious at every one we've attended.
  • How Brands Can Avoid The Legal Pitfalls Of UGC Marketing
    A growing fervor for UGC generated on social platforms begs an important question. What do brands need to know about UGC rights issues, and how can marketers make sure they operate within the law? It's an issue U.S. retailer Duane Reade is only too aware of, having been caught up in a lawsuit not long ago for posting a photo (without permission) on Twitter of actress Katherine Heigl holding two of its bags. So what should brand marketers do to avoid similar costly mistakes?
  • Social Media Is Showing Us The Future Of TV
    What do you see when you scan the brains of 300 TV viewers watching their favorite shows? According to the leading expert on TV ratings, the answer is pretty simple: If you want to know what people think when they watch TV, just check Twitter.
  • Snapchat Snubs Gutenberg, Reinvents Publishing
    Snapchat, the popular mobile messaging app famous for self-destructing messages, recently launched a new feature called Discover. It functions as a media portal, allowing publishers to curate a daily mix of short-form content. What makes this particular portal special is a design approach that focuses on the immediate and the ephemeral. In doing so, it has rewritten the rules of publishing and kicked Johannes Gutenberg squarely in the teeth.
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