• Are You Ready For Social VR?
    Linden Lab, which created the created the virtual world Second Life in 2003, is in "invite-only, creator-preview" mode for Sansar, a new VR-based platform that has been described as a "WordPress for social VR."
  • It's All About The Experience
    Eighty-three percent of U.S. consumers say having a positive customer experience with a brand is more important than the product itself, and 71% say they will not come back after one bad incident.
  • An Illuminating Conversation About Conversational Marketing
    Highlights from the "Talk To The Brand: AI, Bots And Conversational Marketing" panel at MediaPost's OMMA SXSW event.
  • Putting Social Media In Its Place
    Disconnectedness -- along with other perils of the social media age such as cyberbullying, sexting and overindulgence -- has become a major area of discussion.
  • Rushkoff On 'Generation Like,' Big Data and 'Team Human'
    Media theorist, author and filmmaker Douglas Rushkoff showed his Frontline documentary "Generation Like" this week and then fielded some thought-provoking questions.
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