• FCC Republicans Endorse Regulations For Social Media, Champion Free Speech For TV
    Egged on by former President Donald Trump, Republican policymakers spent the better part of 2020 clamoring to regulate social media platforms.
  • People Spend Nearly 2 1/2 Hours Daily On Social Media
    "Digital 2021" report outlines the expanded use of social media, with 45% of users aged 16 to 64 searching for brand information.
  • Twitter Hits 192M Users, Dorsey Shrugs Off Trump Removal
    While not specifically mentioning Twitter's permanent ban of Trump's 88-million-follower account as of Jan. 8, CEO Jack Dorsey seemed to signal that it won't create any serious challenge for the platform. "We are a platform that's obviously much larger than any one topic, or any one account," he told analysts.
  • How Social Media Is Failing Luxury Brands
    "Social media is mass, not 'class," according to Pamela Danziger, founder of luxury consultancy Unity Marketing,