• Has Everybody Been Underestimating Flipboard?
    True, really geeky, confession: I think I've underestimated Flipboard -- and this sad fact of my online life occurred to me even before this week's news that the popular app, which curates one's various and sundry feeds from Twitter, Facebook, and the gang into a glossy, virtual magazine, was now going to let its users publish their own magazines.
  • The Social Media Command Center: Fad Or Future?
    The social media command center (SMCC) entered the spotlight in 2010 when Gatorade and Dell launched their centers. Since then, many brands have jumped on the bandwagon, but for the pace at which the social media industry moves, widescale adoption has been slow to take off.
  • #TVLovesTwitter: Here's #WhatYouDidn'tKnowAboutThat
    You could file what I'm about to say under "Things I Already Knew," but bear with me. The news earlier this week that there's a strong correlation between Twitter discussion about a certain program, and TV ratings, isn't just about the kneejerk knowledge we all have that the tweetstream goes nutzoid during big TV events in a way that the big F - Facebook - does not. What I like about this study - conducted by SocialGuide and Nielsen - was the statistical meat on the bones.
  • Newsflash: Facebook Listens
    Since I didn't go to SXSW, and have not become acquainted with the marvel that is Grumpy Cat, I spent the week - as was foreshadowed in last week's column - hitting the refresh button on Facebook looking for my new Newsfeed.
  • Read All About It! What The Insider Thinks Of Facebook's New Newsfeed
    If it hadn't been a day full of disruptions -- school delays, rescheduled meetings, and a cat that can't decide whether to stay in or go out -- I might have spent much of it refreshing Facebook to see if the new Newsfeed, announced yesterday, has presented itself to me. So far, it hasn't. Because that's the case, what follows is wildly speculative, but, hey -- everything else that's been written about Facebook's new Newsfeed is wildly speculative, anyway. So here I go with a few thoughts on what the Newsfeed could mean for advertisers and media companies.
  • The Football Event Bigger Than Super Bowl
    As marketers, we spend a lot of time talking about the Super Bowl. It makes sense. According to Nielsen, an estimated 108 million people watched this year's Super Bowl. That's about one in every three U.S. residents. But there is a football event bigger than that - and WAY more social than the Super Bowl. It begins in five months, so start planning now, because fantasy football is not that far away.
  • Do You Use Twitter For The Ads?
    Ask around, and the answer is a resounding "No!" pretty much 100% of the time. People use social networks to talk to their friends, discover great content, and participate in real-time events -- not to be interrupted by ads. Still Twitter, in its most revenue-oriented move yet, just released an API for its advertising products. And, surprise -- a lot of people are nervous about it. Why? They think it might sabotage the Twitter user experience or enslave Twitter to its brand partners. But I for one am excited. Twitter's announcement points to an optimistic future for the relationship between …
  • #OscarRTM Redux: An Untimely Column On Real-Time Marketing
    Forgive me. If I were posting this column in real time, I would have had it up on the site before Seth McFarlane's first utterance of the word "boobs" on Sunday night. But every now and then, the Social Media Insider likes to let things sit and stew. So, after watching #OscarRTM unfold on Sunday night, like some meme gone horribly wrong, and then pondering it on and off all week, here's my considered opinion: the industry's ability to ride a bandwagon, without thought or reason, surprised even me. It's amazing the whole thing didn't break down under the weight …
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