• Facebook Engagement Dips, Forecast To Drop More
    By 2020, eMarketer expects the average daily time users spend on Facebook to drop to 37 minutes. Engagement on Snapchat has essentially plateaued.
  • ByteDance Challenges Social Media Titans
    Known to the world as musical.ly until it was acquired and modified by ByteDance, TikTok racked up 33 million new installs during the first quarter of the year.
  • WhatsApp Repairs Serious Security Breach, Culprit May Be Foreign Governments
    The vulnerability apparently allowed bad actors to install high-end spyware on the phones of WhatsApp users. The spyware is popular among government spy agencies.
  • Instagram Is Now Target Of Fake News, Abuse
    Parent company Facebook is now rushing to preserve the integrity of Instagram's content.
  • Social Media Foments Extremism, Governments Want To Stop It
    We could embed ID info into every video that gets uploaded, so taking down one version takes down all versions. We could build delays into livestreams until the user's account is verified