• Best Buy Has A Lot To Retweet About
    Gift cards were the biggest drivers of conversation on Twitter among consumers discussing giving and receiving presents this holiday season and nobody generates more likes and retweets than Best Buy.
  • Co-Consuming Content Comes Of Age
    "Co-consumption" is the driving premise of the Airtime video chat app that launched last spring and is now pushing to expand its user base and enhance its features.
  • Why Can't We All Be Different?
    Smartphones can "become weapons" and can have "devastating effects," says anti-bullying activist Gabriella van Rij, who would like to see marketers celebrate our unique imperfections.
  • Imagining A $5 Million Super Bowl Social Buy
    Is it really worthwhile for marketers to plow $5 million into 30-second Super Bowl spots aimed at a mass market dissolving into its individual parts?
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